Quilt Finish: Carolina Chain

This is actually a Kelli and Jo quilt finish.

When Kelli was on maternity leave I went to her house and helped her get some things organized.  We went through the entire upstairs and in the doing, I found she had a finished quilt top.  She had made Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Carolina Chain.  It was one of the last tops Kelli made since becoming a mom.  Now she rarely sews.  There is just no time with three kids two and under.  I wanted to help her get this to completion so I asked if she wanted me to take it home and finish it up for her.  She said yes.

After some measuring and consideration, I asked her if she wanted it finished as is or if she thought a border on the quilt would be a good idea.  The original quilt as seen below does not have a border.

The quilt can be found in the book Addicted to Scraps.  (The book is currently at a discounted price on Amazon.)

Kelli said to add a border.  So I went through my fabric and I had no yardage that was the color we needed.  I had light blues and dark blues but nothing that was this color of blue.

I went to the quilt shop and they had only one blue that was this color so I took it and got enough yardage for both the border and the binding.

It was really sunny when I took these pictures and the lighting washed the quilt out a bit.

This picture is the true color…It’s all Civil War prints.  Kelli and I still like those best.  We have homes that are country style and have antiques or primitives so the dark colors are more of what we are drawn too.  Sure we like and appreciate other colors but if we are going to keep a quilt for ourselves, the Civil War prints are more our speed.

This quilt has been on my list of quilts to make.  I don’t know if it still is or if I’m counting my participation in putting borders on, machine quilting, and binding it is enough for me to feel like I’ve made it.  Of course, I didn’t do the hard part and it’s going back to live at Kelli’s house but that much might be enough for me to check it off my own list.

I think it turner out pretty well.  It’s a great scrap buster quilt!!

As I said, I used the same border fabric for the binding too.  All was done by machine.

For the quilt motif I used my Hook and Bump.

Here is the video I did that shows how I do that.

I didn’t have a thread for the top that I loved so I went with a light brown.  On that back, I had a seafoam green that ended up looking like the blue once it was stitched.

The backing fabric is something that was here.  I think I got it at an auction I went to that had fabric.  There was plenty to do this quilt along with more leftover.

So…there you have it.  Another quilt is finished and out of the sewing room.  I’m so glad I made good use of my time when I was on quarantine due to a Covid exposure.

Through that, I got the two baby quilts and three big quilts machine quilted and out of the sewing room.  YAHOO!!  I’m so glad to be sending this home with Kelli.

23 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Carolina Chain”

  1. I would imagine Kelli is going to love having it come home as well. It has to be a relief to her that it is finished. It is amazing how those things just weigh on us somehow or another being there on our shoulders. But what a relief when it is lifted. Great momma to do that for her.

  2. This quilt looks great! My quilt like this is near the finish line, and I’ve been thinking green or blue as the border. This blue finish for this quilt is perfect.

  3. Great quilt! You and Kelli did a splendid job on this one. I made this quilt a couple of years ago for our grandson’s high school graduation. It turned out well and he loves it!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this quilt, Jo…I have a finished Carolina Chain top that I just haven’t gotten around to quilting. It just seems like it needs something, and now I know what I need to do….it needs a border! So it looks like this one will move to the top of the list….I am in the middle of making a wedding quilt, but when that is all finished, finishing up Carolina Chain is next!
    I love Kelli’s fabrics…I am a big fan of Civil War reproduction fabrics as well….and your quilting brought this one to a great finish!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Love it – and I may have to get that book! I’m a big fan of Civil War fabric as well and have some to use – hmmmmm…. :)

  6. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love Reproduction and so love this quilt! The blue borders you put on are perfect! So awesome you were able to finish it for her!

  7. Your quarantine was most DEFINITELY productive!! The blue you found looks perfect! I LOVE that quilt and know that Kelli appreciates your finishing it up for her. I used lots of civil war fabric when I was making Home of the Brave quilts and really loved them. Have lots left so made need to make another with them.

  8. Jo, that added border is perfect. I am about 1/3 through piecing this quilt and I will definitely be putting a border on now. I think the key was to match the set in triangles as much as possible. I will keep that in mind when I start to finish my quilt. Thanks for the tip.

  9. That really is Beautiful Jo. I love civil war prints too. I went to Gettysburg many years ago and there was an reenactment shop there. They had the neatest stuff. I’d love to make a period dress one day but I haven’t become that brave yet. I’m sure your daughter will treasure this. I think the bond between you and all your children speaks for its self. All their quilts will be heirlooms and fondly remembered with Love.
    PS- thank you for sending things my way- looking forward to getting moved this week to Llano and hopefully setting up my sewing room and then showing you what was created for others from all of you. God Bless you all : )

  10. It’s Beautiful Jo – not quite sure if my comment went thru- computer doesn’t like me. So I won’t repeat what I said but it’s absolutely Gorgeous and a wonderful keepsake made special by her mom. Leave for Tx in middle of week. Can’t wait to be sewing again.

  11. Such a beautiful quilt. I’m impressed with the work each of you put into this. Reproduction fabrics are where my heart lives, too, and I have a rather large (ahem) collection of them waiting to be used. I’m afraid this and most other Bonnie Hunter quilts are out of the question for me, though. They usually look like too much work to me, so I stick to simpler geometric designs. Well done on this stunning finish! You and Kelli should both be very pleased.

  12. That blue was a great find – so glad you were able to finish the quilt for her.
    I guess that’s why most people think quilters are a bunch of little old ladies – younger moms don’t have the time with kids. I think I got three done while the kids were young and growing up.
    Love and prayers

  13. Perfect Blue– great choice–the quilt is beautiful. Love it– the quilting on it too–but you are a very special mom–Kelli will be super happy with your finish work. Getting another item off the list of things to finish is SUCH a good feeling!! Like somebody else said– hope we will get to see picture of the little ones on that quilt.

  14. I love this quilt finish! I am starting my second one soon in blues and creams. It is an easy and fun quilt to make. My first one was done in Christmas prints as a throw for my sister. I really do like the border you put on it a lot better than the original setting.

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