Quilt Finish: Bricks and Stepping Stones

Before I had surgery on my foot I finished my Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.  My only problem, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to take pictures of it with a cast on.  I thought about trying but then thought better of it.  I’d have had to crutch my way onto the back patio….get the quilt thrown over the fence while balancing on one leg, hobble back away from the quilt and then snap the pictures.  In theory that doesn’t sound terrible but in reality the wind blows the quilt…there’s a thread on the quilt…it’s crocked.  There is a whole host of possibilities that would have me crutching it back and forth from the quilt to the spot where I’d take the picture from.  Finally I decided I’d just wait and have Kelli take pictures when she came for a visit.

She came a couple time but it was dark by the time I remembered so no picture taking then.  The next time she came I told her…pictures had to be taken today.  We ended up goofing around and as it started to get dark I told her-“THE PICTURES HAVE TO BE TAKEN NOW”!…so she did.


I wasn’t outside with her so I had no idea what pictures she had taken.

This quilt is my version of Bonnie Hunter’s Bricks and Stepping Stones.  (You can find the free pattern here)  Bonnie did her’s with black and white four patches and she put a border on her’s.  Mine is red and white four patches and no border.  I did add lots more rows to mine too.

Here’s a close up picture.


This whole quilt started when a blog reader, Pauline, sent me a box on scrap fabrics.  In the box were 85 “twosies” of a read and neutral square sewn together.  That had me on the hunt for a pattern that needed four patches.  I remembered this as Bonnie’s free pattern so I started in on it.  I did have to make more four patches as I made mine quite a bit bigger but it was nice to get the boost to start.

I’m VERY happy with how the colors turn out.  Honestly, I simply grabbed my 3 1/2″ strip bucket and the entire quilt was cut from it.  There’s likely enough left in the box to make at least one if not two more quilts…oh my!

If you are ever looking for a quick quilt, this is a good one!


I added a red binding hoping it would tie everything together.

This quilt is on the pile to be gifted.  I really like it but I can’t keep them all.

Kelli didn’t snap a picture with Ruby on the quilt which I know some of you want to see….you’ll have to suffice with a picture of her on the quilt top only.

I had lots of fun making this quilt.  I really think that at some point I’ll likely make another.  I love four patches and as I said, it’s quick, easy and that 3 1/2″ bucket of mine has plenty more in it!

15 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Bricks and Stepping Stones”

  1. I’m currently making Bricks in the Barnyard from one of Bonnie’s books (don’t want to say the wrong one) and a variation of Oklahoma Backroads from her free patterns, both of which use the same size bricks. I don’t pre-strip my stash, so working on two at once gives me a bit more variety in my fabrics. Bricks in the Barnyard is for a nephew graduating high school (he’s really tall!) and Oklahoma Backroads is for my hubby, who was born in Tulsa.

  2. Earlier this summer, I was cutting up older fabric into useable strips. This was one of the patterns I cut strips for. The quilt hasn’t progressed any farther than that, waiting for the fall/winter slow down. I’ll probably use the black & white foursies. I have plenty of blacks to use. Glad your foot is coming along. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. I’m still working on the twosies in black and white for this one. Maybe once I get fully unpacked I will find where they are

  4. I really really really like the way your version turned out!! I like the no borders, and I like the red and white 4 patches! Great choices!

  5. I’ve made a red version, and a blue version, both with black & white 4-patches. I think it’s time for another — maybe scrappy, or in greens, my favourite colour.

  6. Cheryl in Dallas

    Here we go again. I have seen this quilt many times and didn’t like it. But, your version has made me a convert. I got out the instructions last night to make this quilt. I am soooooo liking it. My 3 1/2″ strip box is puny, but I have a large bag of scraps, so I will be cutting them into this size. And it’s all because of your beautiful quilt with the red and neutral four-patches.

  7. I made one of these a while back, and I agree its fast and easy. I used a dark, dark green in place of the black or red, and that works well too. I’m gathering to make another one. Love the way yours turned out, will have to try the red this time!

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