Quilt Finish: Brick House in Low Volume

I have a new finish…

I have gotten so much interest this quilt…and this baby quilt is a sister to it.

If you read the blog on Friday I featured this as a finished quilt and Saturday gave you all a tutorial on how to make the quilt. (Find the tutorial HERE)

For today, I have something else to share with you….a “sister” quilt in baby size.  Originally blog reader Roxanna sent me this as a UFO.  See bright rows of the quilt above?  Roxanna had planned to add a couple rows of low volume prints.  When I laid it out, I didn’t like the low volume rows so I decided to do something else with them….This….

The layout is different.  It’s random.  No rows of blocks lined up.

I had about 20 blocks for Roxanna.  I made the rest of the blocks.

Well earlier this week I got all the masks I am working on one step further and decided to take a break.  I loaded the baby quilt on the frame and quilted it.

It only took a little bit of time so I ended up binding the quilt too.

Here is how the quilt looks all finished.

People have asked, “What is low volume?”  Here’s some of the fabrics I picked….

Think light pastel.  Think more medium prints….prints with LOTS of white in the background.  Some actually predominantly white.

I tried to take several pictures of the quilt so you could see what type of prints I used.

Several of the prints that Roxanna used were fabric from Moda designers My Sister and Me.

I love the blended watercolor feel of the quilt.

It’s a GREAT scrap buster quilt.
The backing and binding are the same print.  It was a thrift store find fabric for $2.  PERFECT for making this quilt a VERY cheap finish.

One of my favorite prints is this lion print.  So many of the extra blocks I made were from fabrics that many of you sent to me.  The neutrals came in the mail and were part of the stash Cindy sent me.  Thanks readers!!

When Roxanna sent the UFO, some of the blocks were sewn in reverse- or mirror image.

There were low volume blocks that were reversed and each quilt can only have blocks that are oriented the same way, so rather than put the remaining blocks in the orphan block pile, I decided to cut out a second low volume baby quilt….So watch for another low volume baby quilt soon.

This version is not done with columns of the same colored blocks like the original quilt.  These blocks were just randomly sewn together.

For those interested this quilt is made in columns.  I made the quilt in a 7 x 10 setting.  You’d need 70 blocks.  10 columns with 7 blocks in each column.

This is seriously the most calming quilt….I absolutely adore it.  Rosie does too!!

She’s really turned a HUGE corner and has been so much better.

If you missed it, I made a “boy version” of the quilt too….You can read about it HERE.

Thanks a million to Roxanna.  I’ve had so much fun with your UFO.  I think so many other people will be having fun too.  Thanks a million to Julie who originally showed off her design.  Thanks to Cindy and other blog readers who sent fabric my way.

…and with that, I’m off to sew on the other quilt I have cut out.  HERE is a link to the tutorial on how to make the quilt block.  HERE is the link to the original quilt.  If you make the quilt, I’d love for you to share a photo of it.  I love seeing how quilts change and morph from original idea to your idea.

For future reference, the link to the tutorial to make the quilt will be on the right hand column of the blog in the tutorial section.  You can find it there anytime.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Brick House in Low Volume”

  1. Gosh, I love every version of this quilt! And I will definitely be one of the readers who will be taking the advantage of enjoying this quilt and most likely more than one! And that’s because I can’t decide which version to make. So, I’ll save myself the misery of making that decision and make them all. Lol, I have family in mind for three of them and Lord knows, I have plenty for cut strips just itching for me to deem them pretty enough to be auditioned for a quilt.

    Right now though, I’m thinking/ planning one to commemorate this years Easter. I wanted a fairly easy, quick quilt to remind myself of the glorious joy of Easter. One filled with yellows like the sun. One that will be soft enough to remind myself of the Lord’s love for us. And yet at the same time, one that is filled with joy unspeakable. Yup, that’s what my version will be.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration!!! I firmly believe that this Resurrection Sunday (Easter) will be very special. Yes, a special quilt for a reminder of Hope Eternal.

    Bless you again for this post as I’ll never forget it. I do that sometimes. Because I already know that this will be a very special quilt for my hubby and me. And as I type this, the sun is rising brightly……we have had a week of rain and clouds.

  2. I have a thought about the mirror images. Sew a regular and a reverse together so that white square is at bottom. Sew another pair together so that white squares are on top. Then sew those two sets together so that whites make a 4 patch in the middle surrounded by the bricks, two regulars on the left, 2 mirrors on the right. Hope you get the drift.

  3. Karen Hamilton

    I love all your versions of this quilt, but I must say that the low volume one is my favorite! Another great finish!

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m so glad you are getting to enjoy Rosie more now. I have a feeling that her medical problems were getting in the way and causing her behavior issues. She is a beautiful pup who obviously loves you very much!! It’s also nice to get a dog out of the “toddler” stage!! Love these quilts…fun way to bust that stash!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, thank you for explaining what low volume is. I was wondering about that Everytime I read it on a blog. The baby quilt is absolutely perfect.. all theses quilts have lively lovely personalties. Have a Blessed Easter

  6. Every version has been super inspiring! I’m done with masks… and I really want to try one of these versions you’ve made.

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    I have so many medium valued fabrics! This would be great for. I hope I can remember if when I get through with the 3 projects I’m working on. LOL I love the DYNAMIC colors in the one you made for a boy. It’s just vibrant.

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