Quilt Finish: Brick House Baby

I was busy this week….I snuck in a quilt start and finish that I didn’t even tell you about.  When I’m not doing childcare, I can do that.  I have so much more time.  I’m afraid I’m getting a little spoiled with the laid back lifestyle of doing some things spur of the moment like making this baby quilt.

I’m sure you all remember the UFO that Roxanna sent me….well, it keeps on giving.  Roxanna had some brown blocks that were reversed and a couple blue and orange ones.  So I decided to grab the 20 blocks she had made and make 50 more.

I ended up with this….

Oh my…I’m loving it!!

Isn’t that a great boy quilt?  I had cut it out the night before while making supper.  It’s amazing how much I can get done with the noodles boil.

I did some “not so straight” straight line quilting.  See?
I did it on the longarm and I think it looks great on this quilt.  I just wing it….you can tell it’s not perfect but I’m totally okay with it.

This quilt varies in that I didn’t pick white based neutrals.  I picked cream based neutrals.  I think the cream looks much better than white would with these colors…they are warmer colors.

The backing was leftovers from a different quilt back.  I love that baby quilts don’t need such a huge amount of backing.

I can’t thank Roxanna, the blog reader who sent the UFO, enough.  I’ve had such a great time with the UFO she sent.  Who knew it could go and make so many quilts….three so far!!
This was a scrap bin quilt…all of the pieces that I added were scraps.  Isn’t that fun?  It almost makes if feel like the quilt was a freebie.  
I didn’t lay this out when I sewed the strips together.  I didn’t count out a specific amount of each color.  I just picked and cut as the scraps I had allowed.  In the end, I like it.

I think Rosie likes it too.

You can check out the pattern tutorial HERE.

22 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Brick House Baby”

  1. Rosie matches the quilt perfectly. This is quickly becoming a favorite pattern of mine too. Can’t wait to try making one. What size are the blocks in your quilt? Really a beautiful quilt.

  2. Not only do I love this quilt, but also the 2 in the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Issue 164

  3. do you ever make pieced backing ??? or do you purchase special wide fabrics created with the quilter in mine?

  4. Judith Fairchild

    To me a quilt made from leftovers is a freebie. And that is fun. Like this quilt the best the others are great but this one satisfies something deep inside me.

  5. Nadine W. N. Cali

    I love this! Scrappy quilts are so fun. The straight line quilting is perfect for this quilt. Rosie is adorable!

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