Quilt Finish: Biscuits and Gravy

CHECK!! Did you hear that sound? That was me checking off another UFO. It was my biscuits and gravy quilt.

I’l so glad this one is done and finished. It was a fast and easy finish. I can’t believe I let it sit as long as I did.

I don’t make a lot of fabric line quilts…this was a fabric line quilt. It was called Biscuits and Gravy and I think it was from Basic Grey. I LOVE the color blue. I love the floral print. I love the colors of this so much…I like alphabet quilts. Why didn’t I finish it? Well, that’s a story.

Back in 2017, my daughter Kelli told me that Elton John was going to be in concert about 3 1/2 hours from my house. She said she’d get the tickets and go if I wanted to go. If I haven’t told you this before, I am a HUGE Elton John fan. He’s about my favorite singer. I was just thrilled to go…so happy.

Kelli and decided to make a time of it. We got a hotel room and quilt shop hopped our way there and our way home. At one of the shops. they had this fabric and I bought quite a bit of it.

I went home and it all sat. Then when my son Buck announced they were having a baby, I decided to make this quilt. I made up the pattern. I cut up the alphabet panel of letters and they were all about 3 1/2″ so I based everything on that measurement. The panel pieces because the center of the star blocks. Then I decided that wasn’t a very “fun” kid quilt so I trimmed the blocks down. When I did, I tilted the blocks this way making them a little wonky.

Then I used that blue floral I loved for sashing and added red grunge fabric for the cornerstones.

I ended up not liking it the best and decided to make something else. Then it sat.

I pulled it out when my dog Rosie was a pup thinking I would finish it but then see peed on the unfinished top. That totally turned me off and the piece sat again. I know it’s terrible but I let the pee dry and decided I would worry about it when I finally finished it.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed a quick fix. I need a UFO finish. I was digging for a different project and this came up. That was it. I was finishing it. I added the border on the outside and it was ready to longarm.

I ended up using a hook-and-bump design for the motif. That’s a floral-looking design and I thought it would be appropriate with the border fabirc.

I used a gray thread on the top and yellow on the back. The gray worked well with the border and was softer than navy on the yellow areas. I used a blue/gray matching grunge fabric for the binding.

The backing was a yellow large polka dot fabric that I bought at the thrift store. In a previous life, the fabric was curtain panels. I bought several panels at the time and this is the third quilt I’ve used the fabric on. They were only $2 per panel so it’s worked out great!

Of course, no quilt here on the blog is complete without a picture of the dogs on it. HA! EVERY time anything ever happens with these two, Rosie is on the right and Izzy on the left…in pictures and when I feed them. It’s ALWAYS that way.

After the photo shoot, the quilt went straight to the laundry…remember that dog pee?? UGH.

I ended up keeping this one so we have another quilt here when the grandkids are all here.

17 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Biscuits and Gravy”

  1. I really like how you’ve done this quilt. I love the colours. And the photo with Izzy and Rosie is just the perfect finish!

  2. Is this a pattern that can be purchased? I love the way you incorporated the alphabet! I have an autistic grandchild that loves anytime with alphabets on it. Thank you for all you do.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love that fabric! Thanks for being so real with us. I totally understand leaving the pee on it and putting it away. I get that!!

  4. Teresa from Port Coquitlam

    Like the quilt. Great job finishing another one. Just so you know I’ve tried opening the post about the garden centre and it’s just a lot of weird characters. Tried on my phone and iPad. Both the same.

    1. It happened to me, too. Try again tomorrow. For some reason, I can usually see it all the next day. Go figure?!? Kris

      1. Nuts. I forgot to say that one of my table toppers became a cat quilt after Tyger barfed on it. Shook it off, washed it, put it in a box on the radiator and it was his favorite napping place ever after! Life happens.

  5. Garden Center worked fine for me. Even when I get gibberish, the next day it works. Such a mystery.
    Love the quilt and sometimes when time has marched on a whole new friendship happens with pattern and fabric. I like how it all evolved and it will be much loved when the grands come to visit. Congrats on the finish!

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