Quilt Finish: Batik Charm Quilt

I’ll do my cross-stitch post this evening if you are looking for that.  Then on Saturday, there will be an auction here on the blog.  If you’ve been waiting for the community quilt fund auction, you only have to wait one more day.  I have quilt kits, vintage tops, jelly rolls, vintage blocks, and pretty vintage feed sacks…oh, and Prairie Schooler Santa Cross Stitch charts too.  You’ll want to see it.

Now to today’s post a quilt finish:
I’m a firm believer that quilts, to be a great quilt, need to have at least one of two things going for them…

1-awesome color
2-awesome design

In rare cases, the two combine and that is truly an amazing quilt.

Today’s quilt finish is focusing on the color aspect as there’s not a lot to the design…in fact, it’s the easiest design ever.  A simple charm square design.

This quilt started after Donna sent me some charm squares that were all batiks.  I thought I would use them as a leader and ender project and sew a simple charm square quilt for charity.

I wanted to make a bigger quilt so I dug into my own batiks and started looking for any fabrics that were smaller than a fat quarter and any fabrics that weren’t my favorite.  A quilt like this is a great place to hide some undesirable fabric…

It wasn’t that there was anything “wrong” with the fabrics.  Many were hard to use and they didn’t “read” one color.  Check out the fabric in the picture above, lower right corner.  Using that is so hard.  I can’t use it for a yellow…can’t use it as a pink or orange.  This quilt was the perfect place to use this up at.

This quilt is loaded with fabrics like that.

My original intention was to just pass it along to any charity.  Kalissa saw it and said no, I need to give it to a benefit.  She thought that even though the design is simple, it would be a quilt that would bring in money.  Hmm.  I don’t know, what do you think?

I used a variegated rainbow thread that leans towards more blues to purples but still has pinks and yellows.

I do love the look of the quilt and the colors really do work well together.

I always wonder when people give something away and I end up finishing or using the donation and make a finished quilt if the people regret that they sent the donation to me.

I promise.  I’ll find a good cause for it.

I used an orange batik with splotches for the binding.  I thought anything would go.  This was a piece that a blog reader sent that might have been a backing fabric as the piece was extra wide.

The backing was this batik.  It was something that was okay…not perfect but okay.  I wanted to use it up.  I bought it from Quilted Twins some time ago.  When I saw the picture I imagined it pinker but it was more burgundy.  I didn’t use it for the original reason I bought it but, it’s used up now.

It is in a 19 x 19 setting making the quilt 86″ x 86″.

I used what I call my hook and point motif.

I am very happy with it and am so glad that I made it.  I’ve said it before and will say it again, simple charm quilts are underrated.

Many thanks to Donna who sent squares, blog readers who sent batik fabrics, and to the person that sent the orange for the binding.  I had so much fun making this and can’t wait to pass it on for a good cause.

33 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Batik Charm Quilt”

  1. A benefit quilt would have the potential to raise money for a good cause, but anyone directly gifted the quilt would be thrilled. That’s a tough one. It is a gorgeous quilt, and either way someone will love it! Blessings.

  2. I agree with Kalissa that it should bring in a good amount a fundraiser. Lovely and something that would work whatever colors someone favors.

    1. These were 5″ squares. I have made charm square quilts periodically and have made them up to 6 1/2″ as well. 5″ is my favorite size.

  3. A lot of people consider this a good old fashioned patchwork quilt. I have a big stack of batik charm squares waiting for inspiration. As soon as I saw this I thought, “Of course.” Leader/Ender makes perfect sense.

  4. The quilt turned out beautiful. I am currently working on the Halloween quilt you design for the magazine. I love it, I couldn’t find the white fabric you used but I did find another one that will work well. Thank you for inspiring me to get back to quilting. LOL I have finished several UFOs but I have also started a few more quilts. I enjoy your blog

  5. Like your readers have said, this quilt is gorgeous! I would definitely buy some raffle tickets. In the meantime, maybe I should start collecting batiks.

  6. What a bright happy quilt. I’m inspired to make use of batik scraps languishing in my totes. Whether donated of raffled it will be a joy to whoever receives it!

  7. Oh, Miss Jo! This is so beautiful !!! I love bright, colorful batiks and this is the prettiest I have seen! Love, love, love ❤️!

  8. OMG. You’re charm quilt using batik fabric is beautiful. Batik fabric is something I’m usually not drawn to but this quilt is gorgeous. My best friend who loved batik fabric passed away this year and this quilt brings so many wonderful memories. She would have loved it.

  9. The quilt turned out beautifully! So glad you were able to use the squares. My grand daughters loved seeing the fabric used to make your quilt and theirs.
    Love and prayers

  10. Marsha from Kansas

    Your quilt is beautiful. You know, Jo, I consider a gift of fabric to you is a gift and you may do what you wish with a gift. We all know you would do what is best. When we send you donations, we know you distribute them to whoever will use them to the best advantage for everyone. Whether scraps, quilt tops of all sizes, orphan blocks, or baby items, we trust you know where they will be sewn into beautiful contributions. You know where the need is. Thanks for coordinating this giant effort! I get inspired by your blog posts!

  11. I believe this would be great as a raffle quilt for a benefit. We quilters tend to forget a simple quilt like one patch or 9 patch is what non-quilters think of when they think of quilts. They rarely think Baltimore album 400+ hours in making quilt. LOL
    The colors are fabulous!

  12. I’ve sent you fabric in the past, but if I sent you a quilt top or quilt squares, I’d have the same attitude — do whatever you want with it! Take what you want, finish what you want to either keep or give to charity, pass on whatever makes sense to you to pass on, put into a postage auction whatever will keep some postage money coming in, etc.

    I think most people are relieved to get something out of their house that they probably won’t use and thrilled that someone else can use it.

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