Quilt Finish: Baby Fireman Quilt

I started making a quilt for the fireman’s breakfast fundraiser last year.  My intention was for the quilt to twin sized with some fireman themed fabric.  The idea for the quilt started with a video from Missouri Star and ended a little differently.

It turns out the blocks I had didn’t set up the way they were suppose to.  So rather than throwing the mess away, I opted to make two baby quilts from the mess.  I made and finished one for last year’s benefit but I still had the leftovers to make another.

A few months ago I was in a “clean up some projects mode” so I got the top sewn together.  I realized that I didn’t have enough of the same block for the checkerboard border so I substitued something else in that worked well….finally it was a top..and then it sat.

Last Saturday was time to get it quilted.  I put it on the frame thinking…”Look at me.  I’m ahead.  I’m going to have this done LONG before the fireman’s breakfast.”

Then as I was quilting I remembered that the neighbors across the street are expecting a baby.  The dad is on the fire department with Hubby and I’m slatted to do childcare for them this fall.  They don’t know if they are having a boy or girl.  Shucks.  This should be the quilt if they have a boy.  Yep.  It should.

I did a simple stipple in white thread.  In person it looks just fine.  I don’t to fancy stitching on baby blankets.  They are meant to get used and worn.

I ended up quilting this and the Charlotte’s Basket quilt I told you about on the same day….my shoulder didn’t appreciate that and I can’t do that again. I like looking at this quilt on the diagonal. I’ll admit to having to fudge a few seams to get this all to fit together and for the outer checkerboard design to turn the corner.  I have to make a few of the seams slightly bigger…but look, can you tell?
I can’t and the baby can’t….so, if it’s a boy…this is the quilt…and if it’s a girl.  Hmmm.  I better start thinking on that!

Don’t you just love Ruby’s “Can we just get this over with so I can have a treat look”?

Yes…Ruby.  I’m done.  You can have your treat!!!

If the neighbors don’t have a boy…I’ll have an extra boy quilt and I’m all for that!!

10 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Baby Fireman Quilt”

  1. Or if it’s a girl, you’re ahead for the Fireman’s Breakfast. Although I don’t know why you couldn’t give this to a girl. After all, Kalissa’s a first responder.

  2. You are a TRUE quilt artist to take a “mess of blocks” and “fudge” seams to make a beautiful quilt. Great job!

  3. Wow what a stunning baby quilt. You always amaze you with your energy level. I read your posting every day and enjoy your keeping it real. You are very talented at many things, quilts, working with kids (big and small). You have every right to grieve the loss of an ex-daughter in law. And for all those negative comments, they have a problem ; not you. Hang in there Jo and Kelly and do what you enjoy. Thousands follow your blog and help the rest of us over the days we rip out stitches or make a design element out of a mistake. Have a great day. :)

  4. Given that Daddy is a fireperson, I think your neighbors would really appreciate this quilt regardless of the baby’s sex.

  5. YEAH FOR A FINISH! I stayed up until 10:40 and finished a binding on a grad gift. Hoping to load the next one on the machine tonight. Also agree quilt could be either gender as a gift.

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