Quilt Finish: Another Baby Brick House

Last week when I didn’t have internet I was a quilting fool.  I got four quilts done!!  I would love to do that again this week…but alas, I have internet and am behind on writing blog posts…so there’s that.

I like to talk some about color and design….so, I decided to take pictures of the new baby brick house quilt with the first version I did of this in low volume.  The low volume quilt is on the left…the new one I made is one the right.

I like them both but personally, I like the low volume one better.  You might remember when making these quilts it’s easy to get the blocks “mirror imaged” but the blocks can only be oriented one way.  This lead me to needing to make two different quilts.

Below is the regular version.  This is how we typically make quilts.  There is a definite difference between the dark and light colors.  There is BLUE and a neutral.  
Below is the low volume quilt done in more of a color wash…There is little difference in the “light” and “dark” color.  In this one, the “dark” colors are actually more “medium”.  It looks like watercolor.  Again…the regular quilt is below.  Up close, there really is a difference.

One of these will go on to charity and one I’ll gift.   These originated with a few blocks from blog reader Roxanna.  There were about 25 blocks some oriented each way thus I made the two quilts.

I am trying to use up things…luckily these are just the right size to fit the width of fabric for backing so not so much backing fabric is needed.

I quilted these two different ways..the original low volume one has more of floral motif…
The new one has lines with a circle here and there.

I wanted to try different motifs to make each unique.

I’ve made three quilts now, all same pattern.  There are these two and then the boy version…

You might think I’d be sick of making these, but so far, I’m not.  I’ve actually had loads of fun with this.  I love experimenting with color and learning more about it by playing.  I’m really happy that I have an extra baby quilt here when the need arises…and two for charity.  Thanks so much Roxanna!!

Which version to you like best??

Whichever you pick, you can check out the pattern tutorial HERE.

13 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Another Baby Brick House”

  1. All three quilts are beautiful! I love the plaid backing! Why haven’t I thought of using plaid for the backing? It looks wonderful!!!

  2. Jo I just love these quilts. I am so going to give it a go..My sewing room is a mess and this is just the thing to get me organized and back on track. Its beginner friendly and easy to put together thanks so much for sharing just the push for my Mojo which has been off since covid

  3. I like the “boy” quilt the best, but they are my colors. I like all of them, and currently, I am working on making this quilt. I have all the blocks sewn, and will start sewing them together today, since it is sooooo windy here today in southeast Iowa (and all of Iowa as I understand). Mine will be a good lap size and it will go to our cancer center in Oskaloosa when completed. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us.

  4. I love all 3 also . Great little quilt for using those scraps up and great size and
    Design for a baby .Thanks for sharing definitely will be trying this one .

  5. All three are great quilts. So different even though they are the same pattern. I’m still working on Monterrey Medallion and Frolic needs to be assembled. I just don’t have good layout space at home. I usually use tables during sewing group meetings, but of course we can’t meet right now.

  6. Jo, It is amazing how a few blocks in the mail can turn into so many things. I have started two of these with more ideas swirling around. This is so fast and easy. It is great for those times when you just want to push some fabric through the machine. I’ll send you some pictures as I get them completed. Thank you so much for sharing this block.

  7. I made good progress making my low volume quilt using your tutorial. Kinda of got sidetracked as we are using this time of ‘self isolation’ to get some much needed remodeling done. One bedroom and the bathroom are completely done. That means from ceiling to flooring. Lots of work but its so rewarding to enter each room. Working on the bedroom means I now have the larger bedroom for my quilting room. And that meant a complete overhaul of quilt stuff relocation. Now, on the agenda is painting a dresser for the bedroom. Then I can get back to my version of this inspiring quilt. Since I saw it on your blog the day before Easter, I’m aiming for a feeling of an Easter Morning Sunrise.

    I also have plans to make one for a donation boy quilt…… again inspired by your ‘boy’ version.

    Happy quilting.

  8. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I was looking for your pattern but when I click on the word pattern all it does is bring me to advertisement after advertisement. Plus, tutorial.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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