Quilt Finish AND Announcing Piccadilly Circus Sew Along

Are you up for a sew-along? I know everyone is busy with graduation parties, weddings, gardening, and the like so I almost didn’t do this but I had a couple of blog readers who wrote and asked that I make a series of videos showing how I made my Piccadilly Circus quilt.

You might remember a bit ago that we had a quilt that was published in Quiltmaker Magazine. It was actually a reprint of the pattern. It was originally published in the 2018 September/October issue. It was republished in the May/June 2023 issue.

The original quilt was not paper pieced. The magazine wrote the directions telling readers to paper piece the quilt. In a previous blog post, I wrote out how I made the quilt. You can read them HERE…but a blog reader who also watches my Youtube videos asked that I make a video showing how I made the quilt.

I listened to her request and shot three videos over the last week. I ended up filming in three parts…So you can watch and sew along with me.

In the videos, I make this quilt…

It’s the same quilt that you see in the above picture only I changed up the color scheme to include only blues, greens, and teals.

I have the first video of the sew-along live. You can watch it here by pushing the triangle play button or you go to Youtube save the video and watch it later on your television or device.

The first video will give you cutting directions and will show you how I made the center of the star blocks.

The second video will go live on Monday. It will show you how I made the star points…and no. They are not paper pieced. It’s MUCH easier. All you need are a few neutral background squares and a bucket of scraps or strings to get started.

The last video will post the following Monday and that video will show you how I put the quilt all together.

All the measurements you need will be in the video so you don’t need the magazine but if you want to buy it, you sure can. Just note, my directions are entirely different than the magazine’s.

It’s a fun quilt to make because you create the sashing and the outside border blocks while you make the star points. That’s one of the reasons I was able to put the quilt together so quickly.

I’m so happy to have met another quilting deadline. This one is a baby gift.

I’m also happy to have met a blog reader request and filmed the new videos. I hope you sew along. Feel free to watch the videos now and then later sew along when your schedule is more conducive to a quilt along. The videos will remain on my Youtube channel and you can watch them anytime. You can find my Youtube channel HERE.

I was pretty sneaky to get all of the filming and quilt-making done without you knowing about it all. I wanted it to be a little bit of a surprise. I’m heading out to the sewing room. I have another surprise project in the works.

27 thoughts on “Quilt Finish AND Announcing Piccadilly Circus Sew Along”

  1. I love the colours in this quilt. Thanks for taking the time to do the videos. It’s much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the quilt and video (still have to watch it) Are your coloured squares all “white based?” I’m now starting to seriously look at my scraps using this idea.

  3. I used to be a longtime subscriber of Quiltmaker, so I probably have that 2018 issue. I never made it then as I like regular piecing rather than foundation paper piecing. I do remember you did a blog post before on your way of making the block. I loved it then, but must have been busy making other stuff. So, I’m really looking forward to making it now. Will be watching your YouTube today!

  4. Cute quilt! Thanks for the videos. I have been meaning to ask you, what do use to photograph your quilts on the porch? Is it a retractable clothesline? I tried a cotton clothesline but it sagged due to the heavy weight.


  5. Thanks for doing this Jo. It’s beautiful and looks like fun. I love string piecing but have never had the desire to crumb piece. I think I’m going to give it a try now.

  6. Sandra Cubbins

    I love all your videos and so look forward to them! I watch them over & over! Thank you so much! ❤️

  7. Omigosh, Rosie always looks so serious when she poses with a quilt!! Like, This is my job, it’s time for my job!! Oh my heart!! Now, if I have the magazine already, which way should I make the quilt lol? I’ll have to think about this! In the meantime I’ll go back and look at Rosie and Izzy, who is also adorable. Lucky you!!

  8. Thanks for the first part of the instructions. I enjoyed the video. What a find on the sewing machine with cabinet and chair!
    I was glad to see I’m not the only one who forgets to turn on the iron. Thanks for keeping it real!

  9. I think I am going to join the quilt along. This looks like a great quilt to make – yours is beautiful!

  10. You sneaky woman! Love the quilt. I will enjoy watching the videos. And who knows, maybe I’ll even make the quilt. I just used most of my 2.5 inch scraps to make to easy rail fence quilts though so I hope it didn’t call for those!

  11. How generous of you to do these videos! It looks like such a fun quilt to make! The older I get, the more the easy things appeal…I used to love the detail, but detail makes time and I don’t feel like I have that now. Thank you very much, Jo!

  12. Thank you for doing the videos. I love anything with stars and I would rather piece it than paper piece it. I do have the magazine but I’m saving your videos instead.

  13. Loved the Piccallity video. Crumb blocks are my favourite and I am tempted to sew this one. Thanks Jo for all the hard work you put into making the videos, love your style and enjoy being in your home watching you sew.

  14. Saw your first video – that was a nice surprise a couple of days ago! Did enjoy. The finished quilt looks lovely – and so does the multi-coloured one.
    Thank you, will look forward to the next installments!

  15. Love this quilt, want to make it bigger will that pose a problem ? Have 21 Kaffe Facett’s fat quarters to use up for a friend in love with his marine colours.
    Going on to watch your first video now , so excited to get going.
    Many thanks for your wonderful designs and inspiration.

    1. It would look great bigger. I was tempted to make a big one but I was on a use it up and get a baby quilt made mood.

  16. This looks like something I need to add to my “I’m Going to Make That Someday” list! Thanks for sharing these videos, Jo. Looking forward to your next surprise.

  17. Ooh, I’m just finishing up a project and this looks like fun! I have a big tub of “everything” scraps and I’m on a mission to Use. Them. Up. This sounds perfect. What a great surprise and a sew along with you and other JCJ readers sounds like fun! Now I’m off to truly finish up my existing project so I can move on to this! :)

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