Quilt Finish: A Tumbler

A blog reader sent this top to me quite a while ago. I’m guessing a year ago. I finally loaded it on the frame and worked on it over Labor Day weekend. I bound it right away but didn’t get a chance to take pictures. I finally gave up on waiting for the perfect lighting and just took the pictures. The lawn was all covered in dew so no ground shots but I think you’ll get a good idea of the quilt with the pictures I did get taken.

This was a fun quilt to work on. There is such a wide variety of fabrics in it. Check out the prints. There is Raggedy Ann and Halloween and dots and flowers…just everything.

You can see that the maker did a sort of light, dark, light pattern but did it loosely as pinks were often considered lights. I love it!!

Here is a big picture of it…

Here is more of a close-up…Isn’t it pretty? I really like it.

I’ll be donating this one to an upcoming benefit. I’m so happy to have had the top donated and all I needed to do it longarm it!!

No fancy backing on this one. With all the colors on the front, I decided most anything would go. I used up some fabrics I had. There was a pretty yellow and teal flower print along with a yellow gingham. The yellow gingham was left over from another quilt.

The binding fabric was a leftover too. I had used it on another quilt. A blog reader sent me that fabric. It was a large scale print but I thought it might work well as a binding being the colors fluctuate between a light teal and and a darker blue. It captures many of the colors from the front of the quilt.

One last look…

I’m not sure where this one will be donated yet. I try to keep a quilt or two finished so I can grab one at any time. I have five adult kids and they often come to me and say, I have a friend at work they are doing a benefit for- do you have a quilt we could donate to the silent auction? I like to have one on hand for when that happens.

I thought we wouldn’t have a picture with the dogs. They were outside romping but just as I was finishing writing this post, they showed up. I quick snapped a picture.

Many thanks to the blog reader who sent this top and to the blog reader who sent the binding fabric. Your generosity is so appreciated!!

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: A Tumbler”

  1. What a lovely lovely quilt. I have tried the tumbler way back when I was younger. I think a made a baby quilt. Easy and fun. I didn’t have enough different colors for a scrap happy one though. I know someone will love it too.

  2. Hi Jo – all of these fabrics present a feast for the eyes. This quilt really needed you to finish it. Thank you for all the hard work. You show us how to get it done every day. I am inspired.

  3. I love this sort of quilt. It’s so bright and cheerful, and I’ve always liked the look of a tumbler quilt. So much fun! Some very lucky person will own this quilt one day.

  4. I love tumbler quilts. This one is beautifully scrappy and you finished it perfectly. I love the pieced backing and the binding works just as you said! Amazing work, job well done.

  5. Another beautiful quilt finish! I just love all the colors that the blog reader used. Hopefully this quilt put a dent in his or her scrap pile. Great finish!

  6. I didn’t realize how small the tumbler pieces were until I saw the picture with your dogs. So many pieces! What a great job by the top maker and your wonderful longarming. It will be a great donation quilt.

  7. Oh, Jo! The tumbler quilt is adorable! Such a feast for the eyes—thank you for quilting it and sharing it with us. BUT: your garden is so beautiful. How do you do it all? The petunias are gorgeous. I am in awe of you! Any news on the medical front? You are in our prayers. And did you get the picture I sent of the completed Tops and Bottoms quilt? I named it it Strawberries and Cream, since that is what it makes me think of. It’s on my bed now. Thank you for the pattern! Jane

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