Quilt Finish: 6″ Squares

In my ongoing surge to truly clean my sewing room, I finished this….

It’s just a simple quilt made from 6 1/2″ squares….nothing fancy at all.  It all started when I bought a pack of 6 1/2″ squares at the thrift store.  I decided to use them as a leader and ender project.

There weren’t enough in the pack to make a quilt this big so I dug into my stash and cut a few more blocks.

It was an easy project.  It’s been sitting with my quilt tops that need to be quilted for some time.  Last weekend I grabbed it, and threw it on the machine.

I decided to quilt it densely with a square motif.

In the end…I like it.  I think the color selection worked.

One time when I was visiting Country Threads I was talking to Mary.  She told me that one of their most popular patterns was this quilt…the four patch on the table.
Mary said they had made a shop sample several times as the alternate fabric would always get used up and they couldn’t order more of the fabric.  She said people wanted theirs to look just like the shop sample so they would make another quilt for the shop sample with a new alternate fabric and again it would sell out.

I remember telling Mary that I was so surprised by this.  It was just a simple four patch.

As I age, I’ve really found that there is beauty in simplicity.  I’ve found that the pattern isn’t always what makes a quilt.  It isn’t always how complex the design is.  Sometimes it’s just good fabric selection.  I think Mary and Connie’s four patch is a prime example of that.

I think my simple 6 1/2″ cut block quilt is a bit of that too.  If you’re a new quilter, I hope you can embrace that…you don’t have to make a “hard” quilt to have a good looking quilt.  It you’re making an easy quilt, then really switch your focus to awesome fabrics.

Here is a closer picture of the quilting….
This is one of my favorite motifs to quilt.  I’ve done it often enough that it’s easy for me.  Typically on a quilt like this that’s all squares and boxy to start with, I would have added a flowing more circular motif but my desire to do the boxes won out and I’m okay with that.

I bound it with a red fabric that had blue and green coloring in it.   I think it worked.

The backing is a solid blue with a stripe of this fabric….again nothing fancy but it worked!!

The quilt has sat on the dining room table for a week.  We’ve had VERY windy days here making is so hard to get photos.  I finally decided that I was just going to have to fight the wind and try to get some pictures.  It wasn’t an easy task….

Another not so easy task was getting Rosie to pose.  For some reason she was full of (what Kramer would say), piss and vinegar.  She would not sit and was doing zoomies all around the house.

In a quick moment I snapped this and that’s as good as a picture as I was able to get.

The quilt is simple…I thought I might send this on to charity…but I like the colors and quilting enough that I think it’s going to be a gift at some point.  I could easily add some picnic supplies or a first aid kit for a car and it would make a nice gift…as a picnic quilt or as a car blanket for and emergency kit.

I’m so happy to have this quilted and finished and am truly surprised how happy I am with something so simple.

Before you go…I have a favor to ask.  Lani saw this picture and is wondering if any of you have that yellow printed fabric in your stash.

She has been hunting for it and can’t find it.  Lani writes, “The fabric is by Cheri Payne and it’s salvage reads either Button Button Designs by Cheri or Cute as a Button by Cheri.  She used both names in her salvages. If you do have it, and can part with it..I’d gladly send you $ for it and the shipping, of course. ”

Here is a close up of the fabric.

Lani says that this fabric also came in red.

If you have some and are willing to share, Lani would love to hear from you.  Her email is:  quilterlani@hotmail.com

Thanks so much everyone.

25 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: 6″ Squares”

  1. The quilt is very pretty in spite of its simplistic pattern. When I saw it on the grass my first thought was how nice this would be as a picnic quilt. It made me think that this quilt was like our pioneer people may have used. I also like the square quilting! Great job!

  2. My Aunt/mentor (90yrs young) calls these simple quilts – mindless quilts. She taught me to make them to give my brain a break during and after a more complex design. It works. Then I can try something challenging again.

  3. I love scrappy quilts. And you’re right, you don’t have to have a complicated pattern to make a great looking quilt, this is one great looking quilt. I was debating what pattern to make my next bed quilt and I think you have solved my problem. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this quilt!! The colors are so rich, and I love the quilting design too. I just have a love for the more simple and old fashioned quilts. Well done. I wish I had some of that fabric myself!! If I did I would be happy to share. Good luck on your search for it.

  5. hi Jo,
    Great quilt, love the simplicity of it.
    That fabric is a Unicorn, I’d love to have yards more of it myself! Good luck finding it. I used the last of mine up a few years ago – – –

  6. Love the deep colors and simplicity of your quilt. The quilting design is perfect for the quilt. I agree simple is beautiful! I think this one is too good for a picnic quilt! Glad you got a finish in!

  7. I like simple quilts. I don’t feel bad about using them, so I think your idea of a gift with a picnic basket or car items is perfect. My friend gave me a rail fence and I use it all the time. I have a harder time using complicated quilts because I know they are hard to replace.

    So I love your quilt!

  8. After several years of making small piece, intricate, difficult (to me) quilts, I made some simple patchwork quilts for my grandchildren during the holidays. I LOVE them. They are simple and beautiful. I never appreciated patchwork much before and now I want to make more simple quilts. I want to explore colors and patterns in the fabric. I’m glad I’m not the only one to take a step back to appreciate humble quilts.

  9. Love scrappy quilts the best and how many times did you mention simple, well I thinks simple is great. These types of quilts are my go to and their loved the best. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The look on Rose’s face says it all……. “Do I have to Mum, it’s not fair, I was having fun!” She’s priceless haha Love the quilt too :)

  11. I wish I had some of that fabric, but I don’t. I think adding some other dog fabrics would work out, such as dog foot prints, or bones etc. I look forward to what you do with it. I really like the Atkinson patterns also.

  12. I have made dozens of these quilts using 6″ squares–12 squares across and 15 down. Our church group ties the quilts–center of block and each corner. After I bind the quilts, they are donated to the Rescue Mission in Roanoke, VA for their over 400 bunk size beds for the homeless. Our church group has been doing this for years and we call ourselves the Busy Bees. I find making the tops an excellent way to pass the time with this semi quarantine.

  13. Love the colors and simplicity! The colors just glow! And that look on Rosie’s face…. she is so ticked off with you for ruining her zoomies!

  14. Janice Blevins

    Loved this article. The scrap quilters should be encouraged. One little pet peeve…sorry…. it’s sElvages. Tho’ scraps are often “salvaged” pieces the edges aren’t.

  15. Thanks Jo for mentioning my fabric request in your blog. I did hear back from a lady..so thank you, thank you. I love your quilt by the way…and I did make Country Threads quilt you mentioned. I was lucky enough to get that alternate navy blue that everyone liked. I think I bought the kit when I went back there for their retreat..where you drove over to meet me. One of the highlights of my Iowa trip. Thanks again. Lani

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