Quilt Festival Vendors and Demonstrators

I told you yesterday about the Festival or quilts but I didn’t tell you about the vendors and people demonstrating there.

I’m sad to say I didn’t get a picture of everyone.

First off here is Kelli writing a check at Katie from Quilter’s Garden in Cresco.  Yep..we bought a few things.


I loved the colors on the jelly roll…that’s mine.  The “I Ruff You” book Kelli bought and the Farm Fun charm pack too…


Next up was Doreen from Houston Minnesota.  She is an AMAZING talent.  You can find her here on her blog.


She take old vintage doilies then she layers them with fabric and machine quilts away…WOW!


She had several pieces that were a treat to look at.


Next up…(my phone phone battery was about shot)  Sorry no pictures…we came to Red Roxy’s booth.

Happily she had a second Farm Fun charm pack so now Kelli has two.  They had a great quilt shop in Decorah Iowa.  Find them on Facebook here.

From there we found a wool vendor.  She was happily working on a rug.  This stopped Kelli and I dead in our tracks.  Remember we’ve been wanting to hook?  We’ve really wanted to hook but have been afraid to dive in on our own.  We talked to Becky the vendor and she said that she has a room she works in out of her home in LaCrescent Minnesota.  Well after talking to her we asked if she might be willing to take us in under her wing and teach us.  Sometimes that’s the problem with a new hobby…we buy the stuff but don’t really know how to start.  Becky sounds fun and I think she’d be awesome.  It was so funny…she said, “I wasn’t formally educated as a rug hooker”.  I said, “We are formally educated as quilters either!!”  We don’t care a bit about that.  We saw her work…it looked great and she seemed helpful.  What more do we need??!!

The last spot we stopped at was Forest Mills in Postville Iowa’s booth.  You might remember these are the ladies we’ve worked with when we’ve had to have a quilt kitted with American Patchwork and Quilting.  The ladies are WONDERFUL!!

I couldn’t resist their cute-cute ABC panel.  Oh, I’m a sucker for ABC panels…but look at this one.  It’s boyish.  Completely boyish.


See the N is for Ninja.  I love it.  I keep thinking ah…I’ll make Carver this and I’ll make Carver that..then I think the poor kid doesn’t need to be drowned in quilts.  If I make him too many he’ll never get a favorite.


You can find Forest Mills on their website here.  I’m guessing there will be other of you Grandmas thinking you might need one of these for a grandson too.  Just give them a call and tell them you saw the panel on my blog and they’ll get you set up with one of your own…Hmmm…now to design something with this..can’t wait!

Kelli and I had lots of fun checking out the quilts and the vendors.  We don’t get out that often so this was a real treat for us!

Remember we’ll be at this location tomorrow…


Hope to see you all there!

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  1. You will love rug hooking! It is easy to learn, relaxing and a great alternative to quilting. Yes, I still make quilts….too many in my stash not to, but every Thursday is my rug hooking day. It is also easy to stop for a few minutes to pull a few more loops during any other day.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the show, could you tell us who had the barn quilts? I cant wait to see what you make with your rug hooking skills.

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