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When the war first broke out in Ukraine, I told you about Becky from Quilted Twins.  I told you that she and her husband work in neighboring Poland as missionaries.  Becky is working hard to provide the things needed for the Ukrainian refugees who are making their way to her town.  I know many of you donated funds to the cause and I think it’s wonderful that you have.

Becky has been doing a great job keeping her blog readers updated on what she is spending the money on and what the needs of the people are.  I am certain that 100% of the money donated is going directly to the care of refugees.

You can read Becky’s latest update HERE.  I am so impressed with Becky and the work she is doing.  So impressed.

Here stateside, Becky’s twin sister Rachel who manages the quilt shop Quilted in Dade City, Florida is working to organize things too.  Becky has said that the refugees are coming without bedding…so what do quilters do?  They provide quilts.  Rachel is teaming up with Jaftex, (representing 7 different fabric companies including Blank, Henry Glass, 3 Wishes, StudioE, Blend, FreeSpirit, AE Nathan) to make arrangements to have quilts shipped to Poland where Becky is and she will make sure they are distributed.  So you know what that means…they need quilts.

Do you have some?  Are you willing to donate?


Here is the address you need to send them to.

Quilted Twins
13829 US Hwy 98 ByPass
Dade City, FL 33525

Rachel wrote:
If you’re in Greenville, SC, my brother (David Tillman) has agreed to let you bring quilts to him, and he’ll be happy to help out with this. His Cell number is: ‪(813) 767-7393‬. He texts and/or calls.”

I highly encourage you to follow Quilted Twins’ Facebook page HERE.  Rachel has been showing updates about quilts that have been coming in.  It is such hopeful news to hear in a world where things aren’t always so hopeful.

Well, I decided to go see what I had here for quilts that I could quickly donate.  I had three- two were ones that I had just bound from the Cresco Ladies.  I thought I would quickly contact Sandra from the group and see if they had any others to bind.  I thought I could bind them and donate them.

Sandra said they didn’t.  I thought maybe I would look around and see what was here for quilt tops…but then Sandra and Donna from the Cresco Ladies came to my house and dropped off a PILE of quilts.  They told me donate them wherever I wanted…for me, that meant Ukraine refugees…so, knowing I was going to blow a big pile of postage money, I started packaging up the quilt tops.

I took pictures as I went.  They are really nice quilts…

Here’s a black and white beauty.

This one is simple but nice.

I loved the green print in this one…

I looked at and studied this one for a long time trying to figure out the pattern.  I like the colors.

This one was precious.

I’m not good at identifying patterns but this must be some version of a log cabin.

This one was so pretty.  I love the floral print.

This is one of those that I think is beautiful in its simplicity.  So pretty.

WOWZA…so much color.  I love it.  I bet this one was fun to see come together.

I wondered if this one might be a 3-yard quilt??

This one was just georgous.  It was my favorite of the bunch.  The print in the border was fantastic.

There’s a scrappy beauty.

This one was baby quilt-sized.

Can you believe the ladies had so many quilts on hand they could pass on?  I am so impressed.

Quilt after quilt that I pulled out was so pretty.

This one had snowboarders on it.

Here is another great scrap buster that I am so tempted to make.  This would use up a lot from my scrap bucket.  It’s as simple as sewing three strips together, cutting them into triangles, and making half-square triangles, but…I love it!

This one was Harry Potter-themed.

The gals really went all out and made some great quilts.

This Noah’s Ark was the last of the bunch.  WOW, right??

There are piles of quilt tops that they brought too.  Oh WOW!!

What a lot of work the Cresco Ladies have done.  I am beyond impressed.

To top it off…I got a message in Messenger from Rachel of Quilted Twins.  She wrote:

Jo, we got 28 or so quilts from your long armer down in Ft. Myers. 🙂 Thanks so much for sending him!

HA!!  Do you all know who she is talking about??  Our guy Ray.  Ray also took a big bunch of quilts and delivered them right to Quilted Twins.  WOW!!

Here it the stack!!

Rachel even snagged a picture!  It was featured in their newsletter.  How fun

WOW…I am so blessed to have so many people who love the same causes I do.  They say quilters have the most generous hearts and I totally agree.  Many thanks to those of you who have donated fabrics, tops. and postage and batting money.  All of you deserve a big pat on the back as this couldn’t be done without you.  Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Quilt Donations…”

  1. Wow! I don’t quilt…I just love to look and read about them! How can I donate to the postage fund to help you get these shipped out?

      1. Jo, I just sent a postage donation to your PayPal. For some reason, the donate button didn’t work for me. It says “page not found”.

  2. Quilters have the most generous hearts! I just made a postage donation using your Donate icon. Bless you for all you do.

  3. What wonderful generosity!! All the quilts the Cresco ladies gave are absolutely beautiful! They certainly do beautiful work. Thanks for all you do to help so many different efforts.

  4. Fun to finally see who Ray is. I’m glad they got a picture of him. What I like about Quilted Twins is they show you what they’re using the money for. I donated today because of it.

  5. How nice of Ray to make the journey and send some quilts to those in need. I also love all those beautiful quilts from the Cresco ladies, Wow! I have gladly given to the Quilted Twins fund, so generous of them to organize this collection and for Jaftex to help with the shipping.

  6. Jo, they would love some cute pillowcases to go with the quilts. They have gotten many more quilts than pillowcases. This might be easier to make quickly and they are fun to make.

  7. The log cabin quilt you shared is from the Minnesota Hotdish book by Tracy Atkinson. It is one of my go to books when I need something quick but looks like I spent a lot of time on it.

  8. You were the one who originally got me into the Quilted Twins for their fabric. Absolutely love them and have donated because I feel confident every penny will go directly to helping the people of Ukraine.

  9. I contacted Quilted Twins this morning about when they needed quilts (and pillowcases). I only have one quilt ready and decided to spend my time today cutting out and sewing pillowcases. They are sending a shipment “soon” and another one at the end of April. So, will get the pillowcases done and try to get a couple more quilt tops quilted and bound.

  10. Catherine Hoidal

    I would love the pattern for the back and white quilt you have posted. Will pay for it and you can use it for donation

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