Quilt Con…Country Girl Modern Style

Quilt Con is going on down in Texas and Kelli and I are here in cold-cold Iowa.  Oh we wish we could be there with some warm temps but alas….

Our book editor Jenifer Dick is there though and she’s showing off our book…and two of our quilts.  In the back ground you can see May Flower.


She said lots of people have stopped by to take a look at the quilt and comments have all been really good.  That’s so nice to hear.  I have to say…I do think this is my favorite quilt from the book.


The other quilt that went was not Moda-licious as I had thought…it was Modern Day Patriot.  I love that one too.  It’s a bit unusual for a quilt to be patriotic and modern but that one kind of is.

I had a comment from a couple of our Facebook followers telling us that they were going to pick up their copy of the book down at Quilt Con while they were there.  That’s great!!  I know however that lots of you can’t make it Quilt Con but would still like to get a book.

We’ve ordered books again and have our store restocked.  You can order an autographed copy of the book by following this link.

It’s always a little surreal for us when we see our quilts in books, magazines not at Quilt

3 thoughts on “Quilt Con…Country Girl Modern Style”

  1. I live in Texas, just 2 hours from where Quilt Con is being held and I’m in the frozen tundra near Chicago IL. Ugh! We (hubby & I) are actually in the process of moving to IL due to job transfer. Trust me, I’d rather be in TX. Love both of the quilts at Quilt Con. Especially love the Modern Day Patriot but then I’m pretty partial to anything red/white/blue.

  2. My sister and I were at Quiltcon this weekend. We saw your book and your quilts. I’ve got to wait a bit but want one of the autographed books. You’ll be hearing from me in a month or so. Thumbed through the book and want one for sure.

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