Quilt Book Review: Parallel Lines

The other day I was paging through the wonderful quilt book that Linda gifted us when I realized I forgot to review the book here on the blog.  The book has been a companion for me.  I like it that much.  I have it by my bed and read through the patterns at night before bed.  Sometimes it follows me down to the kitchen and hangs out on the counter.  When I was processing shirts I referenced it several times deciding if a shirt was the right stripe for what I needed.  It truly has been following me around.  It’s a book I definitely would have bought on my own.  The book is Parallel Lines by Pamela Goecke Dinndorf.  (Sorry Amazon doesn’t carry the book so no link).

Linda said the author was doing a presentation and she attended.  When she saw the striped quilts she thought of Kelli and I and our wanting inspiration for quilts to make with shirt….well this book did just that.  It’s inspired us.

I looked and this and thought…ew.  Inset seams and then I thought…”girl, you can make a double wedding ring with inset seams, you can make that if you want”.  (Yes, I encourage myself like that)

This one is done with Kaffe fabrics.  I love it!!  Don’t you??

Kayla saw the book and she really liked this one best.  I like it too!!

Kayla started one of her own like this but with smaller blocks.

This one please…..

My absolute favorite of all the quilts was this one….This one, I am collecting fabric for.  I need stripes but they need to be black based.  When thrifting I typically only buy shirts if they are “a deal”.  Now, I don’t care. if the shirts are from Goodwill and are $4.95.  I have some but I’m finding them a little bit hard to find.  I’ve found plaids…but not as many stripes.  This is made with all stripes.

I might sneak some plaids in there.  But…for now, I don’t have enough and first, those string quilts have to be finished.  In the meantime…I’m collecting black based striped shirts.  Hopefully by the time I’m ready, I’ll have enough collected.  I’m super excited to make it.  The quilt is so “not me”….or at least “not the my I typically am”.  Of course, I have to make mine BIGGER!!

Thanks so much to Linda.  She’s such a sweet good hearted person.  The girls and I thank you so much.  We’re inspired!

11 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Parallel Lines”

  1. Kayla was working on her quilt at the retreat. I Absolutely. Loved. It. Now I see this picture and I like this one too. Maybe one for the future! Thanks for sharing this book.

  2. All those stripes quilts are wonderful to look at. I look forward to seeing your black and white quilt when it gets made.

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  6. Linda
    Could you share the technique she used for the avocado green striped basket weave quilt. It puzzles me no end.
    Mae Holnmes

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