Quilt Book Review: Wool Applique` Heirlooms

C&T Publishing sent me the October releases to review.  I have the option to review any books I want or don’t want.  I don’t often wool applique but I sure love the look so I thought I would review this one too.  Oh my…I’ll tell you right up front, if you like wool applique, you’ll likely like this book.

The book is Wool Applique Heirlooms by Mary A. Blythe.

The directions and introduction to the book are great.  If you’re unsure of thread or tool or wool, this book explains it all…and photography, top notch.  I loved just scrolling through the pages.

In the book are a series of season mats.  All are the size and shape of the one below.  If you like season decorating, this book has it.

Here are a couple of the other seasons…
….and another….One of the things this designer does is to also include reverse embrodery to add depth to her designs.  Note around the heart below there is a scalloped edge cut out.
There are six different table mats in this style.

There are four mats in the style below.  There are so neat and a study in patience.  Imagine stitching all those pennies.

I really liked this advent calendar.  It’s precious…  I can see why the book is called “Heirloom”.  
As always, C&T does not send me the pictures of what I really want to show you…so I resort to taking picture of the computer screen with my phone.  Remember the penny rug, this is it.  They are 24″ x 20″. Oh my that is a lot of pennies!!

I loved this too.  They showed it in two different color ways…How fun..and a great project to use up wool scraps.

I was impressed with the book.  The book had several projects I would definitely consider making if I wasn’t knee deep in quilts that I need to have finished.

You can find it on Amazon HERE or at C&T Publishing HERE.

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