Quilt Book Review: Vintage Legacies

Martingale Publishing sent me three e-books to review.  I have to say, when the emails come with the ebooks it’s a little like Christmas.

If you’re been a long time blog reader, you know I like Civil War reproduction fabrics.  Well this one features Civil War fabrics so I was quick to take a look at this one, Vintage Legacies.  It’s by Carol Hopkins and she’s know to make some great quilts.
Every quilt in the book I could “ow and awe” over.

I picked a few of my favorite…
What’s not to love about a scrappy quilt??  NOTHING!

The one below I can really see me making.  Red, white and blue with the cute cute little cross blocks….PERFECT.

This was interesting?  Have you seen this idea before?..using striped fabric for the alternate blocks.  That was interesting. I bet that fabric would be a bugger to find though.

The photography is really good…the quilts look perfect it the settings pictured.

The quilts are looks so good.  I wished I was more of a decorator (or that childcare kiddos would leave things alone once I got them in place)

I love the small blocks…how fun!!  Small blocks + Scrappy = LOVE.  At least for me!!

Seeing all these makes me miss Country Threads Quilt shop more than ever.  I could have easily popped over there and gotten whatever I need to make any of these quilts come alive.  Nowadays there are fewer shops that carry Civil War fabrics..even on line they are harder to find.

I have all the scraps I need but I’d definitely need to buy some setting fabrics.

So back to the book…do I like it??…YES.  I really like it.  Will I buy a hard copy? Not yet.  I have several other quilts on the list.  I have an ebook copy and until I get ready to sew, that will do.  If you are a Civil War girl, I have to say, this is a book that I would really consider.  You can find it here from Amazon…or from Martingale  here.  Both of the sites feature picture of the rest of the quilts from the book….I only picked my VERY favorites.  There are many others in the book.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Vintage Legacies”

  1. This is great! Does anyone else have favorite online sources (especially shops) for civil war fabrics?
    Carol Hopkins’ books Are always good!

  2. I have one by me. I actually work in it part-time and get to make up the kits. It is Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wi

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