Quilt Book Review: Two of a Kind Quilts

I’ll admit.  I am a fan of all quilt books that Lissa Alexander has been a part of.  When I saw that she had a new book, Two of a Kind Quilts out, I knew I’d end up buying it.  This time Lissa teamed up with Susan Ache.  I follow Susan on Instagram and always love what she is working on.  She is a real talent.

Well, it looked like I was going to buy another quilt book.  HA!!  I have no willpower when it comes to quilting books.

When I saw this quilt, I was …intrigued.  Gosh, how was that block made?  I must have looked at the quilt a dozen times and still couldn’t figure it out.  I’ll be honest, I wanted to buy the book just to see how the block was constructed.  I was pretty sure that it wasn’t made with inset seams.  Hmm.

I’m not going to tell you the secret.  I’m going to let you buy the book and discover the genius that thought of how to construct this block without applique and without inset seams.  I’m tempted to make the quilt just because the construction of the block is so unique.  I love unique designs.

This quilt has a pretty pallette.

Ohh…this one is… unique too.  Again, I was studying the construction of the quilt.  How were those unique pieces created?  I see that Bonnie Hunter is working on a quilt with a similar design as the green in this quilt.  I loved reading about the construction…

I love the softness of the next quilt.  I love how it could be used as a Halloween quilt but it doesn’t scream Halloween because the colors are so soft.  I need to remember that.  So often the quilts I made scream color.  I seem to gravitate towards ORANGE AND BLACK, not gray and peach.

This one caught my eye.  I have two daughters who are nurses.  I know Kalissa would love this quilt.  Again, I like the soft grays…and the soft red.

My scrap box is screaming to make this quilt.  I really like it.  I love the mixed background prints.

Here’s another quilt where the construction intrigued me.  I’ll tell the secret on this one…  Some pieces are cut with a template.  That’s totally doable in my world but not my favorite.  Might be worth it to make the quilt though.

I love the blending in this quilt…The piecing on this is pretty intense.

Remember I said something about soft colors…this one has it too and I love it.  I am not big into making Christmas quilts…but I love this.  I actually love it a lot.  I’m way tempted to make it…again, I’d have to remember to pick softer colors.

This book was a treat in the end of the book.  Yep, I loved it too…soft colors AGAIN.  I really need to remember to use soft colors.  I would typically not use a light blue.  I would normally ALWAYS use navy blue.

This is only a taste of the quilts.  There are 12 quilts in all.  The book also offers a little extra.

There is a segment in the book about each quilt from the longarmers who finished the quilts which are really interesting.

There is also a section in the book that shows the designer’s reasoning on why and why they didn’t use certain fabrics.  It gave me something to think about.  It’s better than when Bonnie Hunter does her paint chips for her mystery quilt.

All in all…loved the book and am so happy I caved and purchased it.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Two of a Kind Quilts”

  1. I watched the FQS interview with Susan Ache and was immediately hooked on her work. I won’t live long enough to sew all the beautiful designs, but I’ll never un out of quilts to make.

  2. This looks like a great book! You have hooked me on Lissa Alexander’s quilt books. I have two currently checked out from the library and have bought one or two. I really like the softer colors in these. Like you, I tend to use/buy stronger blues and reds and greens than she used here. Thank you for reviewing this. (I think I figured out that first quilt.)

  3. Looks like the UK Amazon site is counting on how popular all the books you suggest are popular books as they all cost over £20 some £25+ So I have made a wish list ready for hubby to choose for presents, hehe

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