Quilt Book Review: Treasure Hunt

I’ve been hoping to get some book to review from Martingale Publishing.  I typically like their books but there isn’t a regularity to how they send the ebooks for me to review.  I noticed I hadn’t gotten any books since August so I even sent them a note asking if the program for bloggers to review books was still on.  Happily, it is.  Just last week I finally got some books to look over.  I’m happy to say I’ve got some AMAZING books to show you.

First off today is one of my absolute favorites, Treasure Hunt by Linda Collins and Leah Zieber.

If you read my blog at all, you can read the title and guess why I liked this book so much…the quilts are inspired by antique finds.  You all know I love antiques so of course I would love these.

First off..the cover quilt???  Yes please.

Few things warm my heart more than sitting down and making nine patches.  Seriously, I love them.  This quilt I could and would easily make.

I could see me making this quilt too.  Mine would likely be with scrappy neutrals as I could use up some of my bonus triangles.

I liked this one too….

All of the quilts in the book feature a reproduction and the original quilt.  I like the rounded corners and the white binding on the original.    I like that they show both versions.

Here is another little project that would help use up bonus triangles.

Can you hear the red calling my name.  (I know you’re rolling your eyes Connie.  Connie and I have an ongoing teasing about my love of red).

There are several, and this is one of them, that I like the reproduction a little better.  Most often it’s because of coloring or a slight variation of the design.

Oh my word…I didn’t want to show you all of the quilts in the book and I’m trying to be selective..but there are so many I love.  This one I really like.

What a simple quilt..but it’s almost elegant and rarely would I use “elegant” to describe a quilt.

I liked this one…my scrap bucket would love it if I made it.  I have so many scraps.  Oh, I’d love to make this.

They didn’t have a picture of this one in a full layout.  It’s stunning in the full layout but I like it here too.  I’d love to make this.

There are 13 quilts in the book.  I showed you a few that were may favorites…the others, I liked them all too.  It was seriously very hard to pick a favorite.

I’m heading over to Amazon and putting this book in my cart.  I get an ebook copy but I’m a gal who likes a hard copy so I’m breaking the bank and buying a copy.  Oh my.  I always tell myself not to, but occasionally when there’s a book I know that I’ll pour over at night or one that I really want to make a quilt from, I buy it.  I don’t feel guilty about it anymore either.  I buy very few books that I read anymore…so buying these as reading books, or quilting books makes sense to me.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon 
HERE at Martingale.  Either place has pictures of the other quilts I didn’t show you.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Treasure Hunt”

  1. Bahahahahaha! I will actually tell you that I like the reds (they looky purpley) in that one Jo! Those small HST add just a pop of colors and there are not very many! But I don’t care for the second block on the right those setting triangles in that block stick out. There you have it, folks, my humble opinion!!

  2. I liked this book too. It’s on my list to purchase. Jo thank you for sharing your recipe for Mexican Tortilla Omlets. I made them a few nights ago for the first time and my husband loved them. He’s now planning on them for breakfast at “bird camp” this fall with the guys.

  3. Katherine Gourley

    Of all the quilt book publishers, I like Martingale the best. I love them so much that I joined their Insider Book Club. I get 35% off of every book and most come with a hardcopy and a PDF copy. When you sign up for $14.99 they send a $40 gift certificate. If you buy 6 books in a year you don’t have to pay the membership fee. I hate to admit it, but in the several years that I have been in the club, I have never had to pay the membership feel

    I will definitely be buying Buttermilk Basin’s Vintage Vibe book on February 3rd and Picture Perfect by Kathy Schmitz.

  4. Hi Jo
    I always love getting off work to find you have sent an email. I’m a hard copy book lover too. I like Martingale books as they seem to go beyond the normal. One day I would love to do a “Storm at Sea “ quilt.
    Today I found out my cousin has colon cancer. I’m pretty sad about that. Can you recommend a quilt easy pattern to make? I have no real sewing buddies to exchange thoughts with. So if you all have any thoughts please pass them my way. Thank u

  5. Carolyn Sullivan

    Hum a Have huge bunch of scrapy HSTs I could see me making this…. after the mystery quilt, and after another I am in the middle of….

  6. I really like the quilts in this book too. I have she,ves and shelves of books, so don’t need more, but so tempting.

  7. Thanks for the lovely review of our book! We loved creating these quilts to share, and are so pleased with how Martingale produced the book.

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