Quilt Book Review: The New Hexagon 2

Sadly, this is the last book I have from the bunch that Martingale Publishing sent me to review this time around.  Oh my…I’ve had so much fun checking them out and dreaming of all the projects I’d love to make.  I buy quilt books from time to time and often I don’t even make a quilt from them.  I just enjoy them.  This one is a book I am oh-so tempted to do that with.  This book The New Hexagon by Katja Marek is amazing!

The book focus around paper pieced hexagons.  The book is broken down into learning how to create the blocks…patterns for the block, the actual projects and then the pattern pieces.

The block pages are like this…they show the finished block then diagrams to show you how to put the pieces together.

Here’s just a few of the fun hexies in the book….

Here are a few of the projects…WOW, right??

A table runner would be more my speed but even that would take me for forever.

Here’s another table runner.  This one might be more more my speed as the background can be machine sewn.

These colors are a little bright for me but I love the design.

Who could believe that is all special cut pieces made into hexies.  I’m so impressed!

Here’s the granddaddy of them all for projects.  AMAZING!!

Like I said, for me, this is book for me to look over and dream about.  The chances of me ever finishing a project this intense…not likely.  But that’s going to stop me from dreaming about it.

You can find the book HERE at Martingale Publishing
HERE at Amazon.

This book is a sequel to the author’s first hexagon book, The New Hexagon.  You can see that here on Amazon.  From the pictures shown I think I like that one even better.  You can find it HERE.  Oh to have more time to do all the things…

2 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: The New Hexagon 2”

  1. Jill McCaughey

    Jo, this gal knows how to paper piece like nobody’s business, and she’s Canadian, to boot! Proud to see her second book come out. You might enjoy some simple hexes as “lap work” in the evening, I found it pretty relaxing, and did flowers in 1 1/2” finished size, went quickly to make pin cushions, etc. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

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