Quilt Book Review: The Big Book of Lap Quilts

Here’s the latest book I’m reviewing from Martingale Publishing.  They send them to me free in ebook form.  I’m a gal that loves a hard copy and at times find myself buying the hard copy even though I’ve been given the ebook copy but only if I like a lot of the quilts…So will I buy this one?  Read along and see.

The book features 51 patterns.  WOW.  That’s a lot.

Initially I didn’t look at the author.  I started judging it by it’s cover.  Ah…what can I say?  We all do that to a certain extent don’t we?  At least I’m admitting it.  BUT WAIT!  Look at that cover.  Gee.  I think I’ve seen some of these quilts before.  Um.  Who is the author?  It turns out it’s a collaboration book.  Several quilts from favorite authors were collected and put into this book.  BUT…these were all published before.

That’s why the big quilt on the right look familiar.  It’s a Country Threads quilt….and that blue and white one….that’s a Carrie Nelson from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company quilt.

Even though I have both of those books, that didn’t discourage me.  I kept looking.  After all, there are 51 quilts in this book.  There are bound to be ones I love.

Yep..another Country Threads on the upper right.

Hmm.  I think that’s a Carrie Nelson right under it.  Yep.  I have that pattern.

Another Country Threads on the upper right.  See?

The other quilts are fine but it’s so hard…I LOVE the Country Threads quilts.  LOVE-LOVE.  The others don’t compare for me.

Oh wait…that’s a Kim Diehl on the lower right.  I love her too….but I think I have that book too.  I like the lower left one.

Ah…a Carrie Nelson on the lower left.  It’s my favorite one of the bunch.  I made that as a Schnibble I think.

That was just a little look at the quilts and nowhere near all of them.  So what do you think?  Me, this is one I would not buy.  I already have the Country Threads original books…and the Carrie Nelson ones….and the Kim Diehl ones.  If I didn’t already have the books, I’d be tempted.

You can find the book from Martingale HERE or on Amazon HERE.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: The Big Book of Lap Quilts”

  1. Maxine Corimski

    God Bless You, Jo. God is giving you the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Or one blog about quilts. I’m thrilled to see that you can if only for 10 minutes a day to keep on going forward. You have had a remarkable family and you still do have one. The hard times will be when the innocence of Carver will ask for grandpa. But your family will be more than capable of reminding him as he ages of the good times he had with grandpa. The new little ones will not know what they have missed but Carver will be able to fill in those spaces. How is Ruby doing? Pets grieve too.

  2. I have all the Big Books of……… I like looking at them but haven’t made anything out of them.

    I saw Country Threads post about Roger’s Celebration of Life. looked like a nice celebration. The fire department should did him proud with a nice ceremony. Shows he and your family are well thought of. I’m so glad Karl made it home. Sending wishes for an easy adjustment and lots of great memories. Just take a deep breathe and know he’s not hurting. Glad you feel like posting and letting us know how you and the kids are doing.

  3. I have bought all of the “Big Books” even though I have a lot of patterns. If I were to downsize, they are the ones I would keep. Just puts a lot of great patterns by great designers in my hands in one book. I made 26 quilts from the Big Book of Small Quilts.

  4. Donna Pheneger

    I have so little room for quilt books these days but I sure love the eye candy when they’re reviewed! Thanks for this!

  5. Been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Jo, & am glad for all you’ve done. I have had grinding teeth, clenching teeth issues over the years. I’ve broken the hundreds of dollars worth mouth guards in record time! So I went to WalMart, too. I wish you relief regarding your teeth. Hug that Carver for all us blog grannies and aunties! Nothing like the love for the grandpas and Joies out there by sweet grandkids.
    Gloria G.

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