Quilt Book Review: Temecula Quilt Company Quirky Little Quilts

I got an email with Martingale’s newest quilt book releases.  I shared some of them with you already but I saved my favorite for this post.

Temecula Quilt Company Quirky Little Quilts is by Sheryl Johnson.

Temecula Quilt Company - Quirky Little Quilts: Patchwork from the Past, Projects for the Present by [Johnson, Sheryl]

For a long time I’ve been a fan of Temecula Quilt Company.  It’s been a wish of mine to be able to go there one day.  It’s located out in California and if you’re an Iowa girl that doesn’t like to travel, that can be a stretch so I’ve lived vicariously by visiting their blog.

A bit ago I heard that they were coming out with a quilt book of little quilts.  I was thrilled.  Many of their free online projects are quilt alongs and I’ve said before, quilt alongs aren’t my style.  I start them and don’t finish them for the most part…kind of like Block of the Month projects (let’s not go there!!)

Anyway imagine my excitement when I saw that the book was included in the ebooks that were sent to me to review.  I was WHOOPING!!  I made myself look at the other books that came first and savored this one for last.  It was worth the wait!!

The first one in the book had me right away!!  CHICKENS!!  What is not to love!

I love the funky colors on this one!  Poison green ALWAYS grabs my eye.

They range from pretty easy like the one above to harder with inset seams like the one below.

All are on the Civil War Reproduction side as that’s what the quilt shop is so well known for.  Below is a simple one…but I love it.

There’s that poison green again.

As I was looking a the ebook I kept telling myself, you don’t need another quilt book…but alas.  I think this one I do.  I’ll admit.  I buy some books simply for eye candy.  Others I buy because I want to make the quilts.  This one…I think is BOTH!!

I’ve not been a small quilt maker for awhile but I think I need to be again.  How fun are these??

In the past I’ve not really had places to display them if I do get them sewn.  I ended up talking to Hubby and said that I’d love to hang them along our upstairs hallway….kind of like an exhibit.  He was okay with that so…if I ever get any sewn, I’d have a place to put them!!

So…can you guess what I’m doing after I finish this blog post??  You guessed it.  I’m going to Amazon and ordering the book.  It will likely only be eye candy for a little while but someday, I’ll make one!!

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Temecula Quilt Company Quirky Little Quilts”

  1. Oh, I love these quilts, too! I think some little quilts would be a good idea. Getting a quilt finished quicker would be great! Can’t wait to see which one you start with.

  2. I don’t always love repro quilts, but Temecula is just fabulous !
    A cute way to display small quilts is just to hang a rope, and then use clothespins to hang them on the rope, like a clothes line – easy AND cute !

  3. I took a series of classes at a local shop where we made mini quilts. One was civil war, one victorian, one 1930’s, one crazy. Anyway, it was great fun and I have them in several places in our vacation home. The 1930”s one is hung on a clothesline (with mini clothespins) in one of the guest rooms which has a Dresiden plate quilt on the bed . I didn’the make that quilt, but it is hand quilted and made from 1930s fabrics. (I got it at an estate sale for $10 — shades of your auctions!) Maybe the clothesline idea would work in your hallway?

  4. Well Jo you’re in luck! If it would be a further incentive to get started on one of the TQC minis, Martingale is doing a one month quilt along from the book on their Stitch This! blog starting tomorrow. A great way to wade in!

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