Quilt Book Review: Sweater Weather

Not too long ago I told you that books from Martingale Publishing were going for dirt cheap prices on Amazon. You can read that post HERE. I ended up buying the book County Seat Quilts. You can read the review of that book HERE.

Well as I was writing that review, I ended up seeing a different book that I had my eye on and it as well, was at a greatly discounted price. The book was Sweater Weather by Susan Ache.

This is a smaller book with only eight quilts included.

It’s not my typical quilt but I really really like the quilt you see below.

This was a pretty wall hanging…

I was talking to a blog reader and she mentioned that she was making a quilt for her granddaughter’s wedding but her granddaughter didn’t want anything quilt looking. The one below would be perfect.

I’m not a Halloween girl but if I was…I’d be making this quilt. So cute!

I can see myself pulling out some reproduction fabrics and making this low key quilt.

Here’s the cover quilt. I really do like it. So clean looking.

The chances of me making any of these quilts isn’t the highest. I have so many quilts on my list that I’d like to make. I do however LOVE looking at quilts. I love to see how designers work with borders. I love to see how they work with colors. I REALLY loved reading about how the plaid quilt was constructed. All of that sparks ideas in my own design.

The book was cheaper than a magazine…so why not? You can find the book HERE on Amazon. When I got it, it was right around $10.

I’m a little worried. I write a review and then see another book I might like. I ended up seeing this one…At the time I’m writing this, the book is only $6. Oh, my word. I have to stop looking.

You can find it HERE. All of the Paula Barns books are especially cheap. I really need to quit looking…oh my.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Sweater Weather”

  1. Amy Sidelinger

    Oh the eye candy!!! So many ideas! I will never live long enough to do it all, but it sure is fun to look, dream and escape reality. I love that you share projects that require different skill levels and show how to do things. Makes it all look possible for those with so much less experience.

  2. I went to Amazon and the books are super cheap but the shipping is really expensive and I have Prime so I didn’t get any books. But I love looking at quilts

  3. I was just introduced to Susan Ache on a podcast and so fun to see her book here. I am like you, I didn’t see a quilt that I really, really wanted to make, although they are all pretty. I, too, like the one with the little hats, but wouldn’t make it. I am a fall gal and not a Halloween gal, also a Christmas gal, but not a Santa gal.

  4. I’ve decided that since I have over 200+ books, I’m not buying one more. The quilts all look great in the new books but I rarely ever see anything really new that I absolutely have to have.

  5. I’ve enjoyed your posts about the Martingale book sales. They are tempting, aren’t they? I try not to look too much – my quilt book library is big enough already!! But, considering the price of single patterns these days, a $10 book is a super deal if there are even just two designs you want to make. And as you said, Jo, there’s inspiration found looking at designs and color combos even if you don’t want to make every pattern in a book. I love, love, love my quilting books. Keep trying to thin them out, but still enjoy them as much as when they were new – even the ones I’ve had for over 30 years.

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