Quilt Book Review: Stricking Strip Quilts

I’ve told you all that when the new year hits, I’m putting a big focus on tackling my strips boxes.  So many of them are overflowing and need attention.  Lately I’ve had more scraps in than scraps going out.  Back in September I was on Amazon and bought several quilt books that all deal with strips and slowly I’ve been telling you about them all.  The latest one I’m sharing it Stricking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson.

The book has a neat clean look to it and there are quite a few quilts that I’d really enjoy making.  As I work through my strips I’ve decided that I’m going to make some quilts for me to keep and some for charity.  For the charity ones I’d love it they were quicker less complex quilts.  I think this book has several that I’d put in that category.
A blog reader sent some fabric that I kept with the hop of making this quilt…

This next one I spied thinking it might be a great way to use leftovers from a fabric line of jelly roll strips.  I have a few that might work for that.

I love quilts with this…

spider web look.  Most any scraps can be put into this.

I rarely think to use a dark background and rarely think to use solids …but I love the look.

I know I have a jelly roll in my sewing room and this would be perfect for it.

Here is another that most any scraps would to to make this…plus I love making flying geese.  I might use a different color besides the light gray but other than that, I like it.

This one was different and fun.

Many of these I would make larger or add borders I think.

I have a bunch of 30s prints.  I’d really like to make the quilt below.  This was one of the quilts that made me buy the book.  I really want to make this quilt for me!

I liked this next quilt…well.  I don’t want to say I liked the quilt.  I liked the block.  I liked the block a lot but I think I would do something different with it.  I’m not a fan of a ton of white space…or light pink space but isn’t that block so cute??

This next one I thought would also make a great donation quilt.  So many different scraps could be included in the quilt.  Yep, I liked that one.

This simple design quilt is also on my list of quilts I’d love to make a donate.  Goodness knows I have some small leftovers of solids that I could easily make this quilt with.

This would make a cute quilt for donation too.  The blocks are pretty big.  So cheery.

This was one of my favorites…simple but nice.

There are a couple of more quilt in the book.  I figured I should save at least a couple of quilts for you to investigate on your own.  I’m so excited for my adventure to clean out my strip boxes.  This book was a perfect addition to my collection of books.  None of the quilts seems hard and all look like they would make good use of my scraps.

If you are interested, you can find the book HERE on Amazon.

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  1. another off topic question from me. a number of weeks ago you had a quilt that had white solid strips attached to a row of squares that wee sewn together and then cut the solid apart randomly; then the strips were sewn together for an interesting quilt top. I have scanned your list of quilts but have no idea what name of a quilt like that I should be looking for.
    thanks Jo.

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