Quilt Book Review: Stitching Classic Americana

C&T Publishing sent me a couple of quilt books to review.  I’ve had fun checking them out.  This one is Stitching Classic Americana with Masako Wakayama: 12 Projects Feature Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery & More.

I was immediately intrigued the moment I saw the cover of the book.  These are my colors…Americana is my thing.

I’m thrilled at C&T provided WAY more pictures than they typically do and I feel like I can give the book a better review for you.

Here are the pictures from the table on contents.

Check out this little coin purse…

Isn’t it so cute??

There are more cute things too.  Several are bags and purses…

I love the combo of quilting and embroidery together in the bag above.

This next purse is cute too.  Not tempting for me as I have commited myself to never any purse unless it is a cross body bag.

It doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at it and reading the construction of it.  Yes…I’m nerdy like that.  I love to read how designers construct things.

This back pack is totally cute too.

This would be such a great project to work on different things from applique to button sewing to machine piecing.  SO CUTE!!

The quilts were cute too but I wasn’t a fan of the “bump-outs”.  See the right of the quilt and the bottom left corner of the quilt?  It’s not quite my style.

It makes the quilt look more “artsy” and I’m not an “artsy” quilter.  That could easily be remedied though….I could just change it up and make it my way.

Scroll back up and check out the cover quilt.  After I looked at it, I saw that it too had a “bump-out”.

All in all the quilts and projects in the book are really cute and tempting too.  If you notice the back cover of the book it says, “all-American projects with a Japanese aesthetic”.  I wonder if that explains the bump-outs and the style…I do love the eclectic look and the mixing of the quilting and embroidery.

You can find the book HERE at C&T Publishing  
or HERE on Amazon.

The book is only on pre-order status right now.  It is scheduled to publish in September.

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