Quilt Book Review: Simple Friendships II

Martingale Publishing sent me a big bunch of ebooks to review.  I’ve been weeding my way through them…the ones I like, I’ve been writing review sand telling you about.  Some others that aren’t my favorite I’ve passed on.

Today’s book for review, I would NEVER pass on.  It’s awesome but how could it not be with Jo Morton and Kim Diehl as the authors.  The book is Simple Friendships II and it’s a dandy.

What the authors did is pick six classic quilt blocks and then each made a quilt using that block.

Here’s an example…Kim made this churn dash quilt.

…and the Jo made this one….

I’m dealing with my usual frustration with reviewing the book.  This is the picture of the quilt and the picture I have access too.  I love the quilt don’t you?

Well here is the quilt in a full view.  I had to take the picture from the ebook on my computer screen.  I know some people who would love this log cabin but might not once they see it isn’t symmetrical.

Conversely I know some of you might be MORE attracted to it if you saw the quilt wasn’t symmetrical.

Here’s Jo’s log cabin quilt….I loved this one in the full layout.

Another in a full layout I loved.  That fun border is pieced!!

The photography in the book is awesome.  The quilts are wonderful.  I only had problems with the photos I was given to use for the review.

Ah….finally a quilt with the full layout.  Oh my.  This one could get me liking applique…or at least being tempted to do it!

That black background has me in love.  Oh my.

I’ve long been a Kim Diehl fan and long been a Jo Morton fan.  What is not to love??  There are 14 quilts in the book.  The last two are compilation quilts using all of the blocks form the book.

I love the quilt and I very much enjoyed the little extra notes the authors wrote about the blocks and their quilts.  This is definitely a book you can enjoy for many reasons, the designs, the patterns, the photography and the words too.

If you’re interested in the book, the Amazon link is HERE and the Martingale link is HERE.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Simple Friendships II”

  1. As usual, an honest review from a much trusted source. Thanks. Just what I was hoping to hear. Off to purchase my copy now.

  2. Hello from Canada
    Hope you guys are doing well. Could Kramer use the chair he purchased for income tax? Maybe you could talk to your doctor as he may be able to write a letter saying that it has helped ease the pain he has. I don’t know the rules in the US. The only thing is say no.

  3. Wow, these quilts are just beautiful! I love the all of the patterns. I think this one needs to be in my library. Thanks so much for the review, Jo! Hugs to all!

  4. Thank you for the great review! Jo and Kim are definitely at the top of my ‘favorites’ list :-) I just splurged on some Kim fabric that is so beautiful. I looked at the Martingale site link you included and found a beautiful green and cream quilt that I’m going to have to make with it. Martingale has the best site for looking at their books as they show so many pictures to help you know what you are buying. I think they are my favorite book company. Hugs to you and your sweet family.

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