Quilt Book Review: Scrap Basket Bounty

You might remember at the end of 2021 I had said that this year I wanted to focus on getting some of the scraps in my scrap bins used up.  So many of the totes are overflowing and I struggle to get the tops of the totes to close.  I want to do something about it…but then I got sidetracked on tackling all of the quilt leftovers I had hanging around.

I’m coming to a close on my using up my leftover so I started combing through books…and even ordering a few scrap quilt books in the hopes that once the leftovers are done, I can jump into my scrap bins.

One of the books I’ve been paging through a lot is Scrap-Basket Bounty by Kim Brackett.

The book came out in 2018 so some of you might already own it.

I have owned it but I never really looked at it.  Wait.  I take that back. I did look at it but then put it back down.  So many of the quilts are smaller and I always make larger quilts.  So making them larger takes some match and I don’t always want to do the math.  This time I am looking at it with fresh and a mind set that I REALLY want to get my scraps used…so here’s what I can tell you about the book.  There are:

16 beautiful patterns
3 different setting options for each quilt
48 patchwork projects in all!

Here is how they claim 48 different patterns.  See this pattern.  I like it a lot.  I have some batiks that would be perfect for this quilt.

In the directions they show how to make the block and how to lay out the quilt…then they have… a page like the one below.  Note that there are diffent layouts for the same block.  How fun is that.

I love that option.

Here is one of the quilts I really liked and would use up lots of my scraps.

The one below I really like and am totally tempted to make it.

I love this checkerboard one too.

I have a lot of heavily printed neutral background prints taht would work great with this one.

This one I thought would be great.  The colors are fabulous.

I liked this one too.  The other options for layouts with this one were fun.

I can see me making this one with my reproduction fabrics…  I would really like that.

There are more quilts in the book I didn’t show you.  You’ll have to check them out if you buy the book.  I hate showing everything because if you buy the book, I’d love for you to have a bit of a surprise.

What I did like about this book is that it used scraps of different sizes…not all just 2 1/2″ strip quilts.  I have not idea what I’m going to making next.  Who knows, maybe it’s time to pull a UFO as I want those to get whittled down too.  Hmm.  I need more time in a day.  That’s all there is to it.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

17 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Scrap Basket Bounty”

  1. I absolutely love all her books and have made many gorgeous quilts from them. I like everything about her patterns. They aren’t difficult and always come out beautiful. Thanks for giving her books a shout!

  2. Ana Marie Sweet

    It is my current favorite book. I got over 300 likes on the Candy Cane I made with batik scraps. Instructions and ideas for different layouts were excellent.

  3. The One In Shades Of Blue Really Caught My Eye.one could see tulips in the darker shade of blue. Most look like. I would lose my place and have hills and dales just like my penmanship. It will be great to follow along with whatever you choose. Another roadblock has appeared in my sewing room…an elusive electrical challenge in half our house.just got the great magnetic seam guides you recommended…..

  4. I just got this book on Monday. I was looking for a book using scraps. It looks really good. I think all the quilts are my favorites. I like the idea only using one block in each quilt and changing the layout to get new looks.

  5. Jane Bergstralh

    Hi Jo—these lovely scrap quilts made me think how nice they would be for Ukrainian refugees. It seems to me you knew a long- arm quilter who Wiuld finish quilts and then someone sent them to your missionary friends in Poland. Can you publish or send information and contacts for this project? Thank you so much. You are an amazing person! Jane

    1. Maybe you could dedicate one day of the week to working only on a UFO and the rest of the week on whatever takes your fancy, like using up your scrap bucket?

  6. Jane Bergstralh

    Hi Jo—these quilts would be really nice for Ukrainian refugees. Seems to me you has a long arm quilter who would take tops, quilt them and send them on to yhe missionaries in Poland. Can you give more info about this——contact info and any specifics? Thank you so much!
    And thank you for all you do. You are amazing and an inspiration! Jane

  7. I have many of her books and the ability to lay out the blocks and make a new pattern is a great idea.

  8. I bought this book last year just to make that falling stars quilt. I made mine bigger than hers. Mine is an extra long twin, perfect for a dorm bed. I had plenty of dark and medium batiks but ended up having to buy some light ones.

  9. I recently purchased this book after looking at a friend’s copy. For the speedway quilt, I wanted it bigger, so I’ve simply cut my squares 1/2in bigger than what the pattern says. It will make the quilt 1.5 times larger in length and width – which will then give me a perfect size.

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