Quilt Book Review: Returning to Temecula

I’m still working through the ebooks that Martingale Publishing sent for me to review.  I’m so happy that there are many that I really like.  Add this one to that list…  Returning to Temecula by Sheryl Johnson.

You might remember there was another book I reviewed from this author.  You can find it HERE.  I even bought a copy of that book I liked it so much.  That made me hopeful for this book.

Well I turned the pages and dug in.  I was happy to see this as the first quilt.  Of course I loved it.  Scrappy equals happy in my world.

I’m happy to say that not a lot of the quilts had applique.  I’m just not a lover of applique.  I love looking at it but doing it…not so much.

This one was fun.  I actually liked that it was longer than wide.  I can see that someone might want to make this for a specific spot in their house that would fit that size.

This one I liked…do you?

Everytime I look at a quilt book with small wall hanging size quilts I kick myself and ask WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THESE???  I love them.  I think it’s because I’m not a decorator and would like just keep them in a pile.  UGH.  Someday I need to just hire a decorator.

Pink and brown is a long time color combo I like LOTS.  This one I especially like.  I LOVE the simplicity of it.  So many people “overly machine quilt”…some are way into negative space.  I think I’m a simple girl.  I like simple.

I have to say this one really caught my eye.  Connie pointed the quilt out to me a few weeks ago.  It has crumb piecing.  HELLO, yes I love it!!

Well then I looked at the directions.  The pieced unit is appliqued onto the fabric.  UGH….back to the dreaded applique word.  Well, it wouldn’t be that much applique.  Maybe I could rise to the occasion!!

That’s a preview of the book.  I’m thrilled I have an ebook copy as this one surely tempt me to buy.  If you’re tempted, you can find the book at Amazon HERE or at Martingale HERE.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Returning to Temecula”

  1. Jo, I’m sure you could find a set of Orange Peel templates so you don’t have to appliqué the “peels” onto the background for the crumb quilt. That’s the beauty of crumb piecing: it’s adaptable!

  2. OK, so here’s a trick for your applique circles….make your “fabric” out of the crumbs..don’t even have to square it up or circle it, or whatever. Just make the blocks big enough to cover the size the circle is supposed to be. Take a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing (like you would put in a collar or placket facing) and put it on top of the crumb piece, fusible side down. Sew your circle as big as it needs to be, sew the fusible and the crumb piece together. Cut a slit or an X in the fusible ONLY. Turn your piece right side (crumb side) out. Run your finger around the seam that made the circle. Voila! Press it to your background fabric and then top stitch it on by machine, or hand sew, if you desire.

  3. Love those quilts? I might have to get the book! And Jo, I am a retired Interior Designer with 35 years experience. Send pics of your home to my email address and I’d be happy to help you with ideas, free of charge! And yes, some small wall hangings to fill up the walls. Why not?

  4. Thank you for that review – so pretty. The pink and brown one caught my eye too but thinking more blue and brown instead – that would match our interior!
    Love and prayers

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