Quilt Book Review: Red, White & Blue Star Quilts

I am on a list from CT Publishing of people who receive courtesy ebooks of their upcoming releases.  The emails come monthly and have four to five books in every mailing.  Often I don’t even look at the books as from the cover, I can tell that there is nothing in the book that I’d likely make.  This book though caught my eye immediately.  IMMEDIATELY!!

The book is Red, White & Blue Star Quilts.

I am a tried and true patriotic gal.  I love all things red, white and blue.  If I would go through my quilts, I am sure I would have more red, white, and blue quilts than any other combination.

Then I looked closer at the cover and, be still my heart, the book is from Judy Martin.  She is my quilting hero!!

I knew I wanted this book immediately.

Here are some of the quilts from the book…

The first two weren’t the top of my list favorites.  I love this one though.

…and this one.  Perfect for a Christmas quilt….and stars.  What’s not to love?

Then there was this one…LOVE!!

I’ve told you before that I’m always frustrated with the photos that CT Publishing provides me for doing reviews.  I never have the photos of what I want to highlight and show.

So…I took some pictures of the ebook via my computer.  They are grainy but at least I can show you what I love about the book.  Here are the quilts…all of them.

I love the red monkey wrench quilt…on the right in the middle.

Here are even more quilts from the book.

The book is awesome in that it’s very versatile.  See this quilt?  I love it.  It almost looks like a double wedding ring.

Now, look…they computer-generated an image to show you what it would look like if you only used red.

They did that with many of the quilts in the book.  I love that they did this.

I always feel a real kinship with any designer that encourages quilters to take their designs and make them to their own liking.  Judy totally does that with this book.

Here is what Amazon says about the book:

Quilt Americana: Patriotic and 2-color star quilts from Judy Martin

Whether you want to honor a service member with a patriotic quilt, pay tribute to the Stars and Stripes, or explore the graphic contrasts of classic red-and-white or blue-and-white quilts of our quilting forebears, this is the book for you! Preeminent quilt designer, Judy Martin, introduces fresh new designs and a few popular out-of-print ones that feature simple Rising Star and Evening Star blocks in her trademark innovative sets. The look is complex, but the sewing is easy.
The book features complete patterns for 16 quilt designs and 7 variations. Sizes range from a table topper to bed-size quilts, with 6 sized appropriately for patriotic throw quilts. 
patterns for 16 handsome patriotic quilts 
patterns for 7 graphic 2-color quilts from scraps or just 2 solids
18 additional illustrations show 2-color versions you can make from the patriotic patterns
quick, little projects or heirloom bed quilts
easy enough for a beginner, but engaging enough for the expert
a handful of old favorites like Shakespeare in the Park and Stars ‘n’ Stripes Forever
a dozen exciting, never-before-published designs“.

I was sent an ebook version of the book for free but I am so excited about this book that I immediately went to Amazon and pre-ordered a copy of the book.  Amazon says it will release on Friday, February 25th.  I am so excited for the book to come.  I just know this will go to bed with me many nights as I pour over the color combos and possibilities of what I’d like to make.  Who knows, I might not make a single quilt from the book but I am going to really enjoy studying the designs and possible color changes that Judy Martin encourages us all to do…seriously though, what’s not to love?  Red, white and blue….stars.  Oh my.  You can bet what I’ll be once the book arrives…cuddling up under a quilt and planning the next ones I’d love to make.

The one that looks like a double wedding ring is really calling to me!!

If you want to pre-order the book you can find it HERE on Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Red, White & Blue Star Quilts”

  1. I preordered this book too! Hoping to make several quilts to decorate my house on the lake for the 4th of July. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love me some Judy Martin! I have several of her books. I even ran a Yahoo group for a bunch of us that wanted to make her Monet’s Wedding Ring quilt. Judy’s husband was in the group with us to hold our hands. She is the scrap queen if you ask me. Her quilts are beautiful! Her patterns are very easy to follow too. I am glad to see you get to review one of her books. Judy Martin needs to be talked about in the quilting world a lot more than she is. Most newer quilters don’t know about her. Thank you for sharing her and her book with your readers from another Judy Martin fan!

  3. I love these quilts! I’m in Australia, but I’m going to see if I can get it, love the red, white and blue and LOVE stars, especially the sawtooth star. The quilt that is calling to me is the one you suggested for a Christmas quilt – Starlight Medallion I believe it is called. I could have a lot of fun making this as a Christmas quilt. It’s just a pity that Christmas is during our summer- not exactly snuggle under a quilt weather, but who cares!

  4. What a wonderful book, and I appreciate seeing a pattern done in multi color ways. I will be watching for this one when it releases.

  5. I made her Stars and Stripes Forever quilt. It was beautiful. I attempted a Shakespeare in the park but I was a novice quilter at the time and never finished it. I love it in red and may try it again.

  6. My sister swooned over cookbooks. I swoon over quilt books. This one is spunky. Too may ideas and not enough time. Enjoy the journey… sweet dreams of quilts.

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