Quilt Book Review: Playful Precut Quilts

I was scrolling Instagram a couple of weeks ago and the author of this book, Amanda Niederhauser had taken over All People Quilts’ Instagram account.  I followed her all weekend and saw that she had a book…and another one coming out.

Gee, the color of the book looked familiar.  I remember looking at it once but then didn’t buy it as nothing in the preview pictures caught my eye.  Well, the pictures the author was showing on Instagram sure caught my eye…so I ordered Playful Precut Quilts.

I have stated this before.  I believe that CT Publishing doesn’t do its best to showcase their quilt books.  In my personal opinion, they picked my least favorite quilts to show.  Here are their pictures…

I don’t mind the quilt above…and the quilt below is okay too.  This one actually allows you to pick four blocks from the quilt book and put them together to make this quilt.  That’s fun.

They also feature this…table runner.

That’s the only pictures they showed to promote the book.  I took pictures and decided that you might want to see the other great quilts in the book and be inspired just as I was when I saw them.

If you have a cat lover in your life, I think this design is fun.

The cat quilt uses charm squares.

This one looked like a perfect donation quilt to make.

This one caught my eye.  I know so many of you make Quilts of Valor.  This one in this color version is perfect!  Extra blocks might need to be made if it needs to be a specific size.

This classic caught my eye.  I love the colors.

I liked this one too.  All of these are made with bigger blocks and would sew up quickly if you needed a quilt for a wedding gift.

One thing I noticed about many of these quilts is that they have a large print floral border.  Oh, I need to do that.  I rarely do a large print border.  It’s time.

The picture for the next quilt, Gingham Patches, didn’t show up the best.  It’s actually a really great quilt especially if you’re looking for a good guy quilt.

I love this heart charm pack quilt.  It only uses two charm packs and ends up being 70″ x 84″.  That’s a great use of charm squares.  Hmm.  I think I might have a couple lying around.  I should make one of these to donate.  For those of you making Quilts for Kids, I think this pattern would be perfect!!

I really like almost all of the quilts in this book.  The designs aren’t super complicated and as I keep saying…perfect for gifting.

Of course, I like this one!!  It’s a fun brighter combo of red, white, and blue.  This is another perfect for those sewing for Quilts of Valor.

This is the last one I have to share with you.  This one was okay to me but I wish the heart was a little lower in the block.  I do love the colors.

The quilts use precuts of charm packs, jellyrolls, and layer cakes.  Not surprisingly, I have some of them lying around that need some attention.  Who knows, maybe I’ll pick a precut and a pattern and make a quilt.  I do know one thing for sure. I want to make one with a big print floral border.  It seems no matter what quilt book I pick up, I find something to inspire me.   In the meantime, I’m really enjoying paging through the book and feeling inspired.  If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE.  If you are a Kindle Unlimited User, at the time I wrote this post, the book was free.  You can find out more about that HERE.

I did read that the author has book #2 coming out soon.  I’m excited to see that one as well.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Playful Precut Quilts”

  1. There are a few in this book that I would enjoy making. I agree with you about the heart needing to be a little lower in the last quilt, but I like the quilt. Thank you for sharing this book.

  2. Amanda is the sweetest woman ever. Jo, if you met her you’d love her. She’s a huge cat person, but even us dog lovers can appreciate her love of pets. Her designs don’t require complex sewing, but clever layouts and fabric choices make them special. Glad you gave her book a second look.

  3. I like this book too – I hesitate buying books though because there are only a few that really catch my eye. And some seem to be variations of a theme found on free patterns quilts on the internet. I do like the idea of quilts using just precuts. I have plenty of those.
    Love and prayers

  4. I bought this book a while back and just love it. I’m in the middle of a big push to finish UFOs, so haven’t made any of the quilts in it yet . But I’m hoping to choose one to start later this coming winter.

  5. Jo I love how you take each quilt and say this would be great as ——- It give a person a differnt approach how to use a pattern thanks for different ways to look at a pattern and not say “oh I can make this”

  6. Jo,
    Sometime ago you showed a cross stitch piece “Love and Joy Come to You.” Can you tell me where to find that chart? I can’t find the original post you showed it on as it doesn’t come up in your search button and I would love to have it. Thank you for getting me back into cross stitch. I am loving it.

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