Quilt Book Review: Pin Pals

Martingale Publishing sent me some quilting books to review…well they are only ebooks..and they all aren’t exactly quilting.  This one for example is all pincushions.  It’s called Pin Pals.  I’ve been eagerly waiting for this one!!

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company is the author of this one.  I follow her on Instagram and had seen as she made so many of these.  I think she was inspired when Crazy Mom Quilts was doing a pincushion series.  Regardless of the hows and whys, a book came of the adventure and we all get the benefit of it.

If you are a quilter and are always looking for gifts for a your quilting friends, I highly recommend the book.  HIGHLY.  There are MANY ideas for easy ones….

…to more complicated ones.  I can easily see a mother and daughter loving the book.  There are some easy ones for a beginner to make and some harder ones for a more experience sewist to make.

There are often more than one pincushion shown using the same pattern only in different colorways.  Like this…

The photography is so cute.

The designs vary too.

Some feature classic quilt block designs like this Granny Square….

Aren’t these so cute??

When I first saw the book I told myself “NO!  You don’t need to buy this.  You have an ebook version.”

But they are so cute!!  I know I’d love paging through these at bedtime.  I’m not much of an actual book reader anymore.  I’m more of a pattern book reader.

I know someone who I’d love to make and gift this to…  I want the charms though….Hmmm.

Buying the book is tempting me like CRAZY!!  How fun would this be to putz with!!  The pieces are ironed on and then stitched down.  Oh my CUTENESS!!

Here’s another I really like.

So will I cave and get the book?  I think so.  The nice thing is that the pincushions will never be “out of style”.  We all need one, or two or 40!!  Sometimes if I buy a quilt book the technique is more of a fad.  This book I think would be a good purchase as it will last..

I promised myself, not so much buying this year….but I’m caving on this one.  It’s too cute.  Too tempting.  Too useful.  Too EVERYTHING!  Here I go to Amazon to buy Pin Pals.

13 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Pin Pals”

  1. I can see making a few pin cushions, but, could all that cuteness be combined to make a larger piece? Tote bag, doll quilt, or something? It’s all so adorable.

  2. While I think these are so darn cute, I don’t think I’d use them as in my mind I see all those seams and think pushing a pin through the seam allowances as being too tough.

  3. Margaret Lippert

    At our quilt retreat in January, someone had the book and a couple of ladies decided to challenge them self to each make a pin cushion from the book, just they could not use their own fabric, they had to get it from other ladies at the retreat. It was a fun project, nothing they did took more than a 5″ square or so. Everyone had lots of scraps to pick from. The ones that got done were very cute. Good was to get to meet some other quilters.

  4. Looks like a fun book. I enjoy making pincushions, I often make a large amount, 10 – 20 at a time. I like to have them on hand for quick gifts. Stitchers always appreciate pincushions. I use walnut hulls for the stuffing. I purchased a large bag (320 cu in) of pet bird litter at a pet store. That fills a LOT of pincushions. It’s fun to make small projects sometimes. Happy stitching!

  5. Thank you for your review of Pin Pals. I went to Amazon to download a sample for my Kindle. I’m not a pin cushion girl as my son bought me a box to hold my pins about 15 years ago and have used that since. I read about the tomato and a little history behind that pincushion – how very cool. Seeing this book though, I might just have to buy it! Looks like so much fun!

  6. That looks like such a cute book. I won the digital book from Crazy Mom Quilts and I love it. Thanks for the nudge to make some more. Hugs!

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