Quilt Book Review: Patches of Stars

You might remember Martingale Publishing had recently sent me a bunch of ebooks to review.  I was so tickled and a little bit sad when they came to an end.  Every night before bed I had been flipping through books.  But…the books came to an end.

Well then I was cleaning out my email the other day and SURPRISE!!  There in the recesses were more books from Martingale.  I don’t remember getting them.  The emails weren’t opened.  Hmm.  That’s not typical of me at all so, I am back to enjoying quilt books and have more for you to see.

Today’s book is Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar.  If you know about Laundry Baskets Quilts, she’s the force behind it!  I have long lover her designs and her fabric but to date, have never made on of her quilts.

I could look at these quilts for forever.  I could study them and observe fabric selections.  Oh me oh my.  Her quilts are a work of art.

One of the things that has prevented me from making them…the applique.  I can applique but I don’t enjoy it.  If I am going to sit and stitch, I prefer it to be cross stitch.

Happily not all of her quilts are applique.  Don’t you love the use of the busy background fabric in this one?

Another thing that makes me hesitant to make them….

Inset seams.  Again…I can do them.  I just typically don’t.

But me oh my…they are gorgeous.

Reason number three or so why I haven’t made one…Is the amount of work that would go into it.  If I put that much work into a quilt, I don’t want to give it away…I know that sounds stingy but I think you all know what I mean.  Who wants to do all that work, gift a quilt and the person not be in love with the quilt.

That’s okay if I used a couple charm packs…not okay if I did all of this work!!

but…this one I could do…

Oh my..I love lone star quilts.

…and this one.  I think is  my favorite.  It’s the cover quilt.  What a masterpiece.

I love all things stars so you can see that this book is perfect for me to drool over.  I love her soft colors.  I’ve not mastered the soft color-but not pastel look.  BEAUTIFUL.

This one is fun too.  Oh my…I love blues.  She has a way of doing scrappy and making it look professional.

The book is actually a compilation of quilts that the author has published elsewhere.  All of the 13 quilts featured in this book are star themed.  The opening of the book features many vintage star quilts that are sure to get you thinking stars.

Of all the shapes and features of quilts, stars are by far my favorite motif.  This book is a win for any quilt book collection.

You can find it HERE at Martingale
HERE on Amazon.

Martingale has published two other compilation books by Edyta Sitar.  HERE is Patches of Blue and HERE is Patches of Scraps.

9 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Patches of Stars”

  1. These quilts are all beautiful I had never heard of Laundry Basket Quilts and was just recently told by a fellow quilter about a quilt along that she is doing, I have started saving each days pattern with the hopes of completing it, not in the 15 days that the quilt along runs for, but within a reasonable time period. I am really trying to not actually get to involved in another project right now, my plan it get get all my UFO out of my sewing area this year but the need for masks has taken my attention over the past week and I feel that this is a very reasonable reason to side step my plans right now.

  2. Another reason that I wouldn’t make one of these quilts is that they are full of tiny tiny pieces. They are absolutely beautiful, but you are so right. If I were going to make one of these, I would not be giving it away. That is why I quilt, to give them away.

  3. Did you know she is offering a mystery quilt along on her blog? There is a new clue daily. I think its about 9 clues so far. You can print the clues out till the mystery is finished. The blocks are 61/2 in.

  4. Isn’t it funny how different we all are? I can just sit and hand appliqué, love it. Now did you know Edyta sells the “silhouettes” laser cut fused pieces for her appliqué? Now that I shy away from. Something about the fusible stuff has always put me off. But these are all fused and cut perfectly ready to go, so that might interest you Jo. I’ve tried a few different techniques for appliqué. I was lucky enough my guild had Becky Goldsmith, Sue Nickels, kim Diehl and Karen K Buckley. Even with that I still cling to needle turn, or at least prepping with starch and stitching on. So many mysteries and sew alongs right now. Hard to resist.
    Hoping you find enough suitable stash to start one of them.
    Nice to know there is a group stitching along with you.

  5. I have met Edyta and listened to her story couple times. Her in-laws live near Wikes-Barre PA. Real cut story of when she started quilting with the in-laws. A very sweet lady. She is doing a good mystery right now. Each day she writes more than just the step.

  6. Wow! They are lovely, but I wouldn’t even think about making one. They are out of my league snd comfort zone. i am to slow to get things done and this will drive me nuts.

  7. I also enjoy looking at her quilts and the muted colors she is known for. I have not made one of her large quilts though I did buy one of her pre cut fused smaller quilts. I have enjoyed following and saving her recent quilt along, it may one that I do since it has no applique, so far. Thanks for the share on her book

  8. Are the full pattern directions included in the book? I notice you can buy individual patterns of these quilts from her store and was wondering if this is a collection of the directions for several quilts? For example, could you make the Eldon quilt from this book or do you have to get the pattern separately?

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