Quilt Book Review: Organic Free Motion Idea Book

C&T Publishing sent me an ebook to review.  Sometimes when books come I’m pretty content that they are ebooks.  Other times I really wish they were hard copies.  This one..I’m okay that it’s an ebook.  Free motion quilting books are pretty good as ebooks.  The author of the book is Amanda Murphy and I have to say, I think she did a pretty good job.

Here’s the description of the book:
Let Mother Nature inspire you! Best-selling author Amanda Murphy (Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book and Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book) shares the next book in her free-motion quilting series, packed with exciting new motifs. This handy guide provides over one hundred original ideas inspired by the elements—water, air, stones, fire, and more. Gain confidence in your free-motion work with step-by-step instructions and branch out in your creativity with myriad ideas organized by element and design type.”

So with that in mind, note that all of the motifs are inspired by nature…I love that.

So…I’ve had this complaint about C&T Publishing that they don’t provide good pictures that sell the book.  Seriously, I wish I could be in their book promotion department so I could show them what we the people who buy their books want to see.  SERIOUSLY.

On their website the promo photos they show are this…

and this…

Is any of that new or different than what you’ve seen?  Likely not.  It didn’t excite me…BUT, check this out…(sorry for my terrible photos of the computer screen-It’s the best I can do)  Here is the allover butterfly motif….

It shows great step by step movements.

This is super helpful to me.  I can see how I might be able to actually accomplish this.

Now they take that same motif and show you how to make it a triangle.

and now as a block design.

Seeing all of this helped me understand the design.  It made me see that the book was versatile.  It made me think the designs were doable.

The author does this for MANY different motifs.

I have no idea why the publisher doesn’t show you in pictures what I just showed you.  Isn’t the book more attractive if you see how you can actually use it??

So…I do recommend the book.  Just know that the book is MUCH-MUCH more than the photos the publisher is letting you see.  I’m happy I can add this one to my ebook stash!!  Thanks C&T Publishing.

You can find the book on C&T Publishing or HERE on Amazon.  On Amazon the ebook version is only $9.99.

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