Quilt Book Review: Moda All Stars on a Roll

When Kramer was sick I got an email from Martingale with new ebooks to review.  Moda All Stars on a Roll was one of them.  In the hospital room I was able to look through many of them but didn’t get a chance to write a review.

The quilts from the book are all designed by the quilt fabric designers from Moda.  So each quilt has a different designer.  I often like these books as the quilts often show many different styles.

All of the quilts use a jelly roll.

I liked this first quilt.  I could decide at first why I liked it so much and I’ll admit, that photo with the house and fence is phenomenal.  Oh, they show that quilt off well!!

I like this next one too.  Nothing fancy….but fun.

Here’s a fun one that could be converted to scrap use vs designed with a jelly roll in mind.
This one I liked in design…see the butterfly?? It wasn’t my favorite fabric though.  I’m guessing the designer came up with the idea but there weren’t enough of the “right colors” in the jelly roll.  I can imagine this done up even nicer if one weren’t constrained to use a jelly roll.
What’s not to love about solids?  I need to make more solid quilts.
Here is an forever favorite…just something scrappy….

There are a total of 14 quilts in the book.  There are lots that I like.  I’m happy that I have an ebook version should something tempt me enough to make it.

You can find the book here at Martingale or here on Amazon.  Click a link and head over to see the other quilts in the book.  There are some tempting ones for sure.

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  1. I like the first quilt with the stars, they get me every time. I often buy jelly rolls and the wonder what to make with it, this book looks like the answer. Thanks for the share.

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