Quilt Book Review: Martingale’s August Releases

I got an email with Martingale’s newest quilt book releases and I thought I’d give you a little preview of them.

Here’s the list of books:
Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2
Sleigh Bells
Small Wonders
Temecula Quilt Company Quirky Little Quilts

Easy Layer Cake Quilts II is a book done by the gals of Me and My Sister Designs.

Over all for me the book is has “kind of been done”.  If you are a beginning quilt or one who decided to dive into charity quilting, I can see that this book would be a good one for you.

As the title says, “easy layer cake quilts”……

This looks very much like a Bonnie Hunter pattern in one of her first books.

The one that did catch my attention was this one….Then the more I looked at it, something seemed off.  It’s different from a tradition Boston Commons quilt.  Notice that at the corners it almost seems like there is a block missing.  I can’t decided if I like that option or not.  What do you think?

If you want to see more quilts from the book, you can follow this link.

The next book is Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek.  You can find it here.

The book has one quilt in it…the cover quilt.

but the blocks can be turned into cute little projects….

I’m not an intense applique girl so this isn’t a book for me but I do love the look.  I can bet if Country Threads was still open they would make up a version of this and I would be tempted.  They always tempted me with projects!!

The next book is Small Wonders  by Serena Boffa Soda.

Another book with appliques and tiny stitches.  The projects are really fun to look at…

Cute right???

The projects are all small and tiny…so cute.

Well that’s going to wrap up this review session.  If you noticed, there were FOUR books to review but I only told you about three of them.  Well…I’ll just say this…the “other” book is going to get it’s own review.  I really like it and want to “do it justice”.  Temecula Quilt Company Quirky Little Quilts is a little more my style.

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