Quilt Book Review: Hope’s Journey

Martingale Publishing sent me a few quilt books to review.  Hope’s Journey by Betsy ChutChian was one of those books.  I’m a fan of this author.  I have several books that she was part of or wrote.  History Repeated and Treasury of Quilts are two of my favorites.  I had high hopes for this one!!

I LOVE the quote at the beginning of the book… “Hope, to me, is the name of every woman and girl who left their home to embark on a journey of uncertain outcome”.  Oh no…the author is touching on my “history buff” – pioneer story bone.  It’s also touching the feel I have of my Grandma Johnson.  She came to the USA from Sweden in the early 1900’s to make a new life here.

There are 12 Chapters to the book.  Each chapter addresses a part of the adventurous life.  For Chapter Five:  Captivity and Flight talks about Mary Draper.  She’s a well know pioneer women in 1750 was captured in the Draper’s Meadow Massacre.  All of the blocks in this chapter deal with wilderness.  There are three blocks and this small table runner.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)
I don’t have a picture to show you of the nice pattern layouts to make the blocks so you’ll to settle with some pictures of the mini quilt projects that are part of the book.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)
The projects are all done in reproduction fabrics which are my favorite.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)There were several mini quilt projects in the book.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)
I think the one below is my favorite.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)
The promo for the book says, “* 28 traditional block patterns * 11 beautiful small quilt patterns * 4 large sampler-style settings for the blocks you make.”

So you’re likely wondering what are the “large sampler-style settings”…It’s for these quilts.

Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)WOW….
Martingale - Hope's Journey (Print version + eBook bundle)
There are two other settings too.  These quilts are fun.  To date, I’ve not made any in this sampler style.

The book really encourages quilter’s to get creative and make their own sampler quilt.  So if you’re a person that loves small projects or sampler projects, this might be a good book for you.  You can find Hope’s Journey here on Amazon or at Martingale HERE.  Both places offer more images of the projects from the book.  It might be a fun one to have in your quilting library just for the blocks.  I know I love to collect books that show blocks.

This one I’m keeping in my digital library.  Thanks Martingale for the e-book version to review.

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  1. Jo, this book really speaks to me! I also love Civil War reproduction fabrics and I also love sampler quilts. Thanks for sharing your review…. I think this is a book I will need for my stash of quilt books!!
    Thanks again!

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