Quilt Book Review: Hidden Treasures

C&T Publishing sent me a couple ebook copies that I could review. This one, Hidden Treasures:  Quilts from 1600 to 1860 by Lori Lee Triplett and Kay Triplett really caught my eye.

This book has no patterns.  It’s more of quilt library book than book for making quilts.  It’s all about history of quilts as the title suggests.  Of course I’m often inspired by simple pictures of quilts.  I’m sure you are too.

I’ve told you before and this time it’s more true than ever.  C&T does not provide decent photos of the quilts in the book so that I can properly review a book.

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If you are a quilt history bug, I’m sure you will love it.  Most of the quilts have hand work features to them such as paper pieced like the one above or baltimore quilts like the one below.  There are also many whole cloth works.

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The book is a wonderful work to show the preservation of quilts.  It is an awesome book to look through and even read.  The chapters break the quilts down into “fads” of the time.  Such as red and green quilts were made during this time period.  The book shows many of them.  The book then talks about the history of the fabric used.

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For me…It’s book I’d love to check out from a library but probably not one I would own.  I’m not an applique buff.  In fact, some of my favorite quilts are more of a “utility” quilt style.  The quilts featured were primarily quilts that were put in cedar chests and only came out for special times…that’s why they are still in existence for us to see.  The utility quilts are all GONE.

It was fun to look at.  I’m happy I got the chance but it’s probably not one I would buy….now if the authors come out with a book that shows quilt history for the time period from 1860-1960..that’s a book I’d love to own.  Quilts made during this time period are more my style.

You can find the book here on Amazon or here at C&T Publishing.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Hidden Treasures”

  1. I’ll trade you book reviews. I just picked up a thrifted book that sounds like one you would like. Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts 1836-1936. It chronicles 62 quilts and I find it very interesting. It came out in 1986. Each quilt is pictured, the maker is introduced and the construction of the quilt is covered. It’s so well done. This copy is signed by the authors and cost me a buck. Quite a deal!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m with you in preferring my quilts to be loved to pieces!! Applique isn’t my bag at all, unless it is fusible! At least you didn’t pay for a book you don’t really care for. Drive safely.

  3. Donna Pheneger

    Thanks for your review – I do like learning about the history of quilts – not sure I’d want to own one though.
    I’m not one for applique either though I do admire them – more utility quilts – for forts, picnics, beach, and just loving with family!

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