Quilt Book Review: Hearth and Home

I told you that Martingale Publishing had sent me a whole bunch of books to review.  Well I’ve went through and picked which ones I like and am sharing another one with you.  This one is Hearth and Home by Jo Morton.

If you like Jo Morton, here’s another for you to love.  I have long since been a lover of Jo Morton’s work..this one did not disappoint.

Isn’t the cover amazing?  I love the arch and and how the quilt was photographed.

Wow…I sure love the colors of this.  Blue and gold has long been a favorite color combination of mine.

I have to say that this next one is my favorite from the book….You can’t tell from the picture but this is set in a barn raising.  Barn raising plus scrappy plus this coloring is my favorite.

There are some I love and would make in a heartbeat.  There are a few that I would pass on.  This next one I like but would likely not make.

I adore this next one….reds and blues.  Of course I like it!!  Flying Geese borders you’ve got me!!

This one is awesome.  Oh, I like it!!  Triangles, gold, blues- YES.  I love it.

In typical Jo Morton style, all of the quilts are small or lap sized at the largest.  I think that’s why I don’t make any of her quilts.  Seriously, I don’t know what it is but I so rarely make anything smaller than a full sized quilt.   I know I can make them larger but it’s a bit of a pain.  What can I say, I’m a little lazy.

That doesn’t prevent me from loving looking through her books and dreaming of a day when I had enough time to make quilts only for fun without a care of the cost or the purpose of the quilt in the end.  There are so many people in my life I want to make quilts for that I don’t always have time for quilts just for fun..or just for me.   If I ever do, Jo Morton quilts and a couple of the ones in this book will be at the top of my list to tackle.

There are even more quilts in the book.  I only showed my favorites.   You can see the other quilts in the book HERE at Martingale or HERE at Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Hearth and Home”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Really like those blue and gold quilts. I understand about wishing she had made some larger quilts with instructions

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