Quilt Book Review: Diary in Stitches

C&T Publishing sent me an ebook copy of Diary in Stitches  by Minki Kim to Review.  This came about the time I got all those other quilt books to review and let me tell you, for me, this book was the stand out and one I most wanted to get.

Artist Minki Kim turns her own daily sketchbook challenge into 65 stitchable drawings to mix and match. Embroider and appliqué the whimsical, easy-going way with 6 useful projects to make and share, like a patchwork pouch, a statement pillow, and a sweet wallhanging. Minki’s uplifting designs, plus an extra gallery of small project ideas from coasters to wall art will appeal to anyone who wants to add personality to their home and personal accessories.

This book is said to be Zakka style. I didn’t know what the heck that meant so I checked it out.  According to Google: “(from the Japanese ‘kak-ka in de zak-ka’(閣下 雑貨)or ‘many things’) is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.”

I could classify this as Zakka for sure.  The little projects in the book are so cute and even me, the non-putzy girl, would like to give some of these a try.

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t very impressed with C&T’s website.  They didn’t provide many pictures for me to show off the book to you.  I ended up googling around to try to find a few for you…but still no luck.  Any of the projects that they did show are not the ones I was attracted too.  BUMMER for all of you.  I guess that puts the pressure on me to try to make one of those cute ones so I can show it to you!!

The projects did “make me smile” like the back cover says.

I ended up bringing the book up on my computer and then taking a couple pictures of some of my favorite projects.

I sewing machine cover….

an illustration that could be a wall hanging….


A cute little pear motif.  

I’m excited about the book and would like to do a couple projects from it…or at least try my hand at this “machine embroidery”.

I ended up liking the book so much that I ended up on a goose chase on the internet and found out she did another book…This one….
Sew Illustrated.

This one had projects I loved too.

Image result for diary in stitches  Minki kim
What a cute basket….

I love the bag with the typewriter….

The sewing machine pincushion…TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!

If I were to buy one book…I’m not sure which I would buy.  I think Diary in Stitches…I don’t know.  Sew Illustrated is wonderful too.  I really do want to give this a try….it’s just too cute not to.

You can find the author’s blog here.

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