Quilt Book Review: Crumb Quilts


You all know I love to use up all of the little pieces of fabric.  If the piece is little, I still want to use it.

Well the other day while I was on Amazon checking out a quilting book, I saw this book as a suggested book, Crumb Quilts: Scrap Quilting the Zero Waste Way by Emily Bailey.

I love crumb quilting…I love zero waste so I thought I would order the book.  But, then I looked at the publisher.  It was David & Charles.  Well, awesome.  I have an agreement with them that if they send me a book, I’ll do a review…and that’s exactly what happened.

I waited patiently for the book to come and guess what?  It came really quick.  Guess what else?  They sent two copies.  There is one for me and one for one of you.  That’s right.  I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of the book.  Read along and at the end of the post, I’ll tell you how you can enter to win.

First off…I really like the book.  Not because they sent me a free copy but because I truly enjoy crumb quilting and love the take that this author, Emily Bailey has on it.

She breaks crumb quilting into three different categories:
Crumb Block Quilts
Applique with Crumb Fabric
Crumb Quilt Backgrounds

I really never thought about it that way and I appreciate the new take.

There are 15 projects in the book.  Most are quilts but there is a pillow, table runners, and pincushion.

The pictorial directions are great.  I feel like the author walks through the steps of using crumbs very well.

I feel like there were lots of unique ways to use them that I haven’t seen in other places.

I love the book as the projects go from pretty easy…to more advanced.  As an advanced quilter, I love that as sometimes I like a quick and easy project and sometimes I like a challenge.  I think beginners like that as well as they can see a starting point and see where they go with their newly added experience.

This one is simple but oh so fun.  I can totally see myself making this.  Goodness Knows I have plenty of bits of fabric for this one.

I really liked this one too.  I don’t necessarily like these for my house as my house is pretty antique-y and the colors aren’t right for me but I still love making these and gifting them or passing them on for a charitable cause.

I might have to make this pillow for Georgie.  I would make the background a different color but it would look great with the quilt I just gifted her.

This one has some applique but it didn’t scare me!!  I’m not an applique girl.

This was fun.  I can see me making this for myself and using darker colors.  Perfect for Fall.

I loved this little pincushion.

This one was fun.  The picture does not do it justice.  I think I’d like to make this only make all of the background green.

Here is one of the blocks close up.  So cute!!

Here is an example of one of the harder quilts…Don’t you love the ocean scene?  I think it’s so cute.

I liked this one too.

This style of quilting isn’t for everyone but I sure do love it for a change of pace.  I love traditional quilting but every now and then I love digging in and really playing with my fabric in more of an art form.

I’m so pleased that there is a place for everyone in the quilting world no matter your style or no matter your whim of the day.

This book has been my nightly reading material for the last few nights.  It’s great to have something new to look at and study and dream about.

***WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED***There are other projects in the book too.  I’ll let you discover them on your own.  As I said at the beginning of the post, I am doing a giveaway for a copy of this book.  All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS POST in the comment section.  I’ll pick a winner next week.  How about you answer the question:
“Have you ever done any crumb quilting?”  ***WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED***

If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE.

427 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Crumb Quilts”

  1. I love crumb quilts! …. and was looking to order this book! It would be so much better to win it. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you have given in the past I truly enjoy reading your post ! Mary

  2. Crumbs are so fun to play with, and this book has many ideas to spark the imagination!
    Thanks for the review and your wonderful blog!

  3. I have never made a crumb quilt and I have a picnic basket of scraps. The pillow would be fun to make and use same scraps up.

  4. I have used a lot of little scraps in my quilting, but I never knew I was “crumbing” (I thought I was just frugal). The designs you posted were beautiful and I would love to see more!

  5. Hi. I decided to begin quilting after retiring and I don’t have a large crumb stash yet. However, I can’t throw away a crumb. I began trying to make a doll quilt top out of crumbs. Your blogs inspires me in so many ways. I was also caregiver for my husband and other family members before their passing. I appreciate you sharing all your projects and family with us. Thanks for all that you do.

  6. I’ve just started using scraps in my quilts, so crumb quilting would be a great use of some of them. I’ve always hated to throw away anything, so now I have a motive to keep everything bigger than a few threads. Great review Jo!

  7. LOVE crumb quilts and crumb quilting; it eliminates all the stress of trying to make perfect points and joins! This book looks like a perfect guide!

  8. I have made several lap quilts using crumb blocks. Slow to make but very satisfying to use up the little bits of fabric.

  9. HI JO, I love crumb quilting! First got interested in it when I saw your grandkids quilts you make them. They are adorable. i also use crumbs in some of my string quilts.
    I really do not like throwing away scraps so I have a 3.5 ft tall hamper under my sewing table full of scraps!

  10. Past attempts at crumb quilting have been met with “you’re crazy” from the peanut gallery also known as my family. I have yet to complete any projects. Maybe I just need inspiration and instruction!

  11. I have been collecting scraps to make a crumb quilt. I could see myself making a few of these projects. I didn’t know this book was available, good review!

  12. This is a fun book. I just bought a copy recently and now I have to start playing with it. Thanks for reviewing it, Jo. Now I really want to play. I missed the pictorial directions when I received it and was just looking at the quilts. The author was just on the Accuquilt show about scrappy quilts.

  13. Oh now that book looks like something I could start with. I love the look of crumbs, just never seen a pattern I felt I could try and succeed at; this looks perfect. And I need more patterns for scraps/crumbs/pieces of ‘leftover’ fabric!

  14. I have a pile of crumb blocks I have been working on for about one year. They would look great in the setting of the first quilt you showed from the book.
    Jo, I am happy that you are healing from your recent treatment. I am amazed at all the creative energy you have even when you are not feeling your best. You are an inspiration to us all!

  15. I love crumb quilting. I’ve made one lap size and it is a favorite I love the idea of making something from nothing. I too have many many crumbs everything is sorted by color so it’s easy to find what I need. I love all the ideas you showed in her book. I really enjoy when you review new books. I can’t tell you just how many books Ive purchased because of your reviews. Thank so much

  16. crumb quilting is my first 15 minutes of sewing almost everyday,surprising what you can do 15 minutes or more a day.I am very happy you like this book looking to watch an updates on the pillow for Georgie

  17. I have never done crumb quilting! I love the designs you have showcased. Can’t decide if it’s the color of the fabric and various patterns or the contrast created by each “crumb” grouped together. Like you, I use books to dream, inspire me and push me toward new techniques. I’ve only created baby quilts to date but plan on quilting for a very long time!

  18. I have been looking for weeks to find a scrap quilt to make & this book has some really cool patterns! I would love to win it!

  19. I was blown away by the examples of crumb quilting. The ideas are limitless! They don’t look messy like crazy quilts usually do. It should be given a better name, maybe Art Quilting.

  20. I love crumb quilting and have done multiple quilts, most for Guild charity programs. I have small colored fabric bags hanging over my cutting table to the small bits can be put in the appropriate bags. Strips and slightly bigger scraps are in color designated bags in an open bin under my cutting table and larger scraps are in their own bins next to the FQ bins on shelves. I also separate triangles and circles.

  21. I’ve made a half dozen mini quilts with crumbs that I put under lamps in my home. I do a binding and they are cute. I’m ready to try a quilt! Thanks for the chance.

  22. Janelle Merillat

    I’ve made several crumb quilts, I LOVE them! I especially love the Eye Spy aspect of them. I’m glad to see you are “on the mend”, I’ll continue praying for you!

  23. Yes, I’ve done some crumb quilting but I have never made them into a quilt. I have some squares completed but they are in storage.
    Love and prayers

  24. I have never done crumb quilting. In fact, I just heard of this type of quilting at a quilt guild meeting a couple of weeks ago! I definitely have enough crumbs to do SOMETHING with, though. ;) Thank you for the review!

  25. Oooh—I NEED this book, I have 2 huge baskets overflowing with crumbs leftover from all the Olson masks I cut with my GoCutter. I couldn’t stand to throw them away. I just started digging through them and making some crumb pieced stained glass blocks….

  26. I can relate to the sentiments of the author as it relates to “waste.” I don’t want to throw away any scrap, regardless of how small. This book looks like it is an answer to those of us that are so exacting that we became architects as well as quilters.

  27. I haven’t done any crumb quilts . I just watched Jenny from Missouri star make one . I know I have plenty of crumbs. Thanks for the give away .

  28. Looks like a different approach to working with strips, and strings. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing some of the photos.

  29. Hi Jo, I’ve been following your posts on Crumb Cakes for some while now and how wanted to work up the courage to dive into them…I have never made a Crumb Cake but have sooo enjoyed yours! I’m pretty sure this book would give me the courage after seeing what you have done with yours…
    I also want to buy some Oui yogurt now and make a pin cushion like yours. When I copied the pattern you sent out mine came out just slightly smaller than the 3″ square so I guess I have to try and reduce that a bit. You come up with the greatest ideas for yourself or to gift to others…how I wish I lived down the street from you Jo. I’m an old nurse and would love sitting out on your porch on a summer evening talking to your two great nurse daughters and watching the grandchildren run and play in your yard. God bless you always…

  30. I’ve been a quilter for way over 4 decades, so I have a LOT of crumbs. I’ve never done anything with those, so there is a pile! I’ve been wanting to start using my crumbs, and was thinking of making my own ‘fabric’ with the bits and pieces. It feels like it would be honoring those quilters generations ago that had no choice but to use up every bit of fabric. There are some great ideas in that book! Thanks for the giveaway — crossing my fingers! Deb E

  31. Weirdest thing… not an hour before reading this post, I saw this book on Amazon too. It looks like it’s my kind of book!

  32. I’ve saved your instructions on your crumb quilts, but haven’t done anything with the. Maybe if I had more inspiration I might dive in and finally do something with all my scraps and crumbs. So to answer your question – NO, I haven’t made a crumb quilt before. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I have enough crumbs to make a dozen quilts. I made many mug rugs for friends for gifts with Christmas fabric.. Now I will go for something bigger. I need to use up some of my crumbs!

  34. Th only crumb I have ever made was with my grandson: We mad a crumb quilt for his stuffed penguin, of course with fish shapes. We would love to try some more ideas too.Thanks!

  35. I have been intrigued by crumb quilts and have some saved to make some day. I have made crumb type backings for quilts-on a large scale. I would love to make some of the pretties in this book.

  36. Hadn’t heard of a Crumb Quilt! There are many containers of scrap fabric waiting for the right projects, and I think I found it in this book.

    Love your posts – so much fun to read and pretty visuals.


  37. I love crumb quilting, I just tried it recently while ‘cleaning up’ my sewing room and I am totally addicted. So I guess I don’t have any fabric that needs to go away. Oh,well, remember — she who dies with the most fabric WINS. LOL

  38. I haven’t tried crumb quilting yet, but I’ve certainly saved enough crumbs to give it a try! Thanks for giving us a shot at a copy of this book – it looks great!

  39. This book is inspirational, I love it the author’s idea, on quilting as well as on no wasting, in a creative way to repurpose seemingly useless things. I’ll make crumb quilts for sure. Thank you.

  40. I’ve never done crumb quilting but I have tons of scraps and keep small pieces to use ‘one day’. This book would be perfect to show me how to use them! Love all the pictures from the book.

  41. I started making crumb blocks once but needed ideas…so I stashed the blocks somewhere.. This book looks like it has plenty of great ideas.

  42. Ooohh! i really like this idea and i loved the space quilt my grandson is really into planets. I have a hard time finishing projects lis looks like crumb quilts could be a great project for me. Would love to have this book!

  43. Oh. My. I recently stumbled on your posts in Pinterest and this popped up while having my morning coffee. Totally love the idea of crumb quilts! Thanks for sharing that book with us! ☀️

  44. I have made crumb quilts before, and I’m trying to sort my scraps by color this month to start another crumb quilt. I love the free spirit style of being creative.

  45. I’m just learning to quilt and made some cute crumb fabric recently. Still getting the technique right. Such fun!

  46. I’ve made crumb quilt blocks just to try out the technique. It’s great for those times when I “just want to sew something.”

  47. Hi Jo, I made a wall hanging using crumbs and I love it b/c you just grab and go.Talk about no-stress piecing! No matching seams! No hard color choices! It’s great!

  48. Elizabeth Sawyer

    My friends laugh at me when I say I want to make a crumb quilt but I really want to make one. They give me all of their throw away scraps. This book sounds like a great introduction.

  49. Sally Christiansen

    The book looks very interesting, and as I love scrap quilts it would be fun to try a crumb quilt. I have not tried making one yet.

  50. It’s amazing how all those different pieces came together without being overwhelmingly busy. I especially love the starry night.

  51. Crumb quilting – I’ve just started collecting scraps and love to investigate all opportunities to use them. Waste not, want not!

  52. I just spent the month of January sorting all my scraps. I have a huge tote filled with crumbs. The book would be great to have to use up some of them.

  53. My grandmother was a very talented quilter. My mother was a very talented quilter. I guess I came by my love of fabric & quilting through them. I have been intrigued with the crumb quilting process but have not actually done it yet. I look at my 50 plus years of scraps & think crumb quilting would be a fun project & something new & different. I cannot bare to discard even the smallest piece of fabric. I so enjoy your sharing of projects. Keep up the good ideas. Bless you

  54. I’ve been quiltmaking since 1982 and have never heard of crumb quilts. Just learned something new at 73yo.
    Now I need to make some.

  55. Lou Ann Johnston

    I’ve done some projects from Amanda Jean Nyberg’s books and discovered the joy of sewing up my scraps. I’m always looking out for more ideas. Thank you for your blog. I have breakfast with you every day.

  56. Love crumb quilts, I sewed along with you awhile back when you did your crumb-along.
    Sew much fun and I learned a lot from you! I have my scrap bag ready if you decide to do that again.
    Book looks very interesting! Thanks for your blog, never miss a post.

  57. I have done some crumb quilting. I had read an article about technique. I used up a lot of my scraps. I t was a learning experience..Scraps were put together,and it was amazing to see colors and combinations React together.didn’t think about the technique as anything but a haphazard method to make a scrap quilt. Now I am going to make one using some pattern idea. I think! I will try a pinwheel or even a nine patch or a bow tie.Thanks for the idea.

  58. I have a box filled with crumb blocks! I love making them, but haven’t found a project to put them into. This book is great!! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed all the inspiration. Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas

  59. I never thought I would have enough scraps to make a crumb quilt. How crazy was that thinking. I have plenty and they are growing. I want to do one in pastels only, because I have a lot of those from baby quilts. How great that someone has thought up more ways to make projects.

  60. Last year while I was in a campground I took my scraps and made a good sized block of fabric from crumbs. I haven’t made anything with it, but this book could give me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  61. I have done some crumbs blocks from watching videos. I have a red, white, & blue I’m putting together. I would love to win the book.

  62. What a fun giveaway! I’ve never made a crumb quilt, but it’s on my to-do list. I made 2 house blocks with my crumbs a few years ago and donated them for a fire victim’s quilt. That was as close as I’ve gotten to a crumb quilt, but I loved those blocks. They were so pretty and unique! Thanks for this opportunity. I’m going to put this book on my Amazon wishlist in case I don’t win.

  63. I have just finished my very first quilt and it is going off to the longarmer. I recently watched a video on crumb piecing and fell in love. As I cut out my next quilt the crumbs are building and well as my excitement to make my first block of crumb pieced fabric. I already know what pattern I want to use for my first crumb quilt and I really hope to have the top done by Christmas. My grandkids quilts take priority over mine but I just can’t wait. I will probably work on diff colored blocks a little at a time to be relaxing so I stay caught up as best as I can. A book like this would be well loved and looked at often in my library.

  64. I am working on a confetti quilt now, along with my sister. It is only my second quilt, both have been lap quilts. I love the projects in the book! I hope I win it! I would start with the pin cushion. I like handwork like embroidery, too. It even has me interested in free motion quilting! Thank you!

  65. Good luck with your treatment, and have fun with the crumbs! I love sewing, and I love all the new terms – layer cake, jelly roll, charms, and now crumbs! I am waiting for donuts and cupcakes! Do the 2 1/2″ squares have a name when you buy them in a set?

    May you have many blessings!

  66. I can only imagine how horrible it must be! My husband and I are together for 55 years now and I don’t know how I will go on if God separates us. Sewing would be my solace too. Quilting is my retirement “hobby” and I love making charity quilts! I just bought some carousel blocks on eBay – beautifully machine quilted, and with a few strips of sashing it turned into a beautiful baby quilt! I wish I could take it to the baby shower myself! Try to count your blessings – your memories!

  67. I’m really about to drown in all the scraps I have! I’ve just started making crumb blocks and I love it! I could benefit from some guidance so I would love this book.

  68. What a fun, new skill to learn! The crumb blocks are inspiring which puts a crumb quilt on my “to make” list. Winning this book would give me the push to start.

  69. Literally working on my first quilt ever right now. I love this idea especially since it would give me an idea of how small of a piece of fabric is worth keeping.

  70. I guess I am being thick headed. I still did not understand. What do ties have to do with crumb quilts? I am new to this and am trying to learn. Thanks

  71. I’ve only done crumb quilting once and that was when you did your “crumb along with me” project. I made a bunch of blocks, but that’s as far as I got, it’s in the ufo pile.. I loved the quilt you made for Kalissa, but had a hard time with wonky piecing. Maybe it’s time to try again.

  72. I did one quilt with my daughter she went to college using crumb blocks to start log cabin blocks. It was a great quilt. So much fun. Recently I went through all my boxes of scrap and divided them up for different projects and one will be more crumb blocks.

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