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You all know I love to use up all of the little pieces of fabric.  If the piece is little, I still want to use it.

Well the other day while I was on Amazon checking out a quilting book, I saw this book as a suggested book, Crumb Quilts: Scrap Quilting the Zero Waste Way by Emily Bailey.

I love crumb quilting…I love zero waste so I thought I would order the book.  But, then I looked at the publisher.  It was David & Charles.  Well, awesome.  I have an agreement with them that if they send me a book, I’ll do a review…and that’s exactly what happened.

I waited patiently for the book to come and guess what?  It came really quick.  Guess what else?  They sent two copies.  There is one for me and one for one of you.  That’s right.  I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of the book.  Read along and at the end of the post, I’ll tell you how you can enter to win.

First off…I really like the book.  Not because they sent me a free copy but because I truly enjoy crumb quilting and love the take that this author, Emily Bailey has on it.

She breaks crumb quilting into three different categories:
Crumb Block Quilts
Applique with Crumb Fabric
Crumb Quilt Backgrounds

I really never thought about it that way and I appreciate the new take.

There are 15 projects in the book.  Most are quilts but there is a pillow, table runners, and pincushion.

The pictorial directions are great.  I feel like the author walks through the steps of using crumbs very well.

I feel like there were lots of unique ways to use them that I haven’t seen in other places.

I love the book as the projects go from pretty easy…to more advanced.  As an advanced quilter, I love that as sometimes I like a quick and easy project and sometimes I like a challenge.  I think beginners like that as well as they can see a starting point and see where they go with their newly added experience.

This one is simple but oh so fun.  I can totally see myself making this.  Goodness Knows I have plenty of bits of fabric for this one.

I really liked this one too.  I don’t necessarily like these for my house as my house is pretty antique-y and the colors aren’t right for me but I still love making these and gifting them or passing them on for a charitable cause.

I might have to make this pillow for Georgie.  I would make the background a different color but it would look great with the quilt I just gifted her.

This one has some applique but it didn’t scare me!!  I’m not an applique girl.

This was fun.  I can see me making this for myself and using darker colors.  Perfect for Fall.

I loved this little pincushion.

This one was fun.  The picture does not do it justice.  I think I’d like to make this only make all of the background green.

Here is one of the blocks close up.  So cute!!

Here is an example of one of the harder quilts…Don’t you love the ocean scene?  I think it’s so cute.

I liked this one too.

This style of quilting isn’t for everyone but I sure do love it for a change of pace.  I love traditional quilting but every now and then I love digging in and really playing with my fabric in more of an art form.

I’m so pleased that there is a place for everyone in the quilting world no matter your style or no matter your whim of the day.

This book has been my nightly reading material for the last few nights.  It’s great to have something new to look at and study and dream about.

***WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED***There are other projects in the book too.  I’ll let you discover them on your own.  As I said at the beginning of the post, I am doing a giveaway for a copy of this book.  All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS POST in the comment section.  I’ll pick a winner next week.  How about you answer the question:
“Have you ever done any crumb quilting?”  ***WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED***

If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE.

427 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Crumb Quilts”

  1. I used to save men’s ties with the idea of making a quilt but never found out how. You’d have to cut them a certain way to take out the lining in the tip, and some would need to be dry cleaned. Maybe there is an easier way?

  2. I’ve used men’s silk ties. Opening up the long back seam is time consuming but not difficult. Fussy, careful work but not hard. Dry clean before doing this. Once open the lining is again fussy but not difficult. Than careful ‘SILK TEMP’, pressing & you have your fabric. Loads of ideas on youtube, proceed from there. Be aware that whatever you create will need to be specialty cleaned if ever needed. Get at it, time always runs out! I have question for Jo. I have 272 hst’s from flying geese. I struggle greatly with scrap quilt making. Never successfully completed one. My brain freezes with the thought of “WRONG”, colours side by side. I am well aware that no WRONG colours exist, but my brain doesn’t know that. Refuses to learn it!!!! How do I do rows randomly? Is ther a formulary to accomplish this. That might make it possible for me to make this 85 x 85 flimsly. HELP… any suggestions will be welcome. The top is a version of Jo’s ‘vast ‘, collection of hst’s she sdged in muslins. I crave this quilt flimsly. It will go to my longarm gal.

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