Quilt Book Review: Country Seat Quilts

You might remember a bit ago that I told you that I had discovered that books from Martingale Publishing that were listed on Amazon were being offered for unheard-of prices. If you missed that blog post, you can see it HERE.

Anyway, the book I ended up ordering while the sale was on was County Seat Quilts by Julie Hendrickson and Vickie Gerike.

The book features quilts made with reproduction fabrics and I love every one. I discovered the book after watching Olivia from Pumpkin Hollow Quilting. She made the quilt you see in the picture below.

Perfectly Patriotic. I would love to get a good spot in the house to display some of these.

As I paged through my book I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that made me love every single quilt. Then I realized…they all have red in them.

This one is super simple…but I really like it! I can totally see myself making it.

Many feature stars, my favorite…or simple square designs which is another favorite. All of them are scrappy…a top favorite!!

I want to get through a few more UFOs before I dive into any of these quilts…but oh, it’s tempting.

Ila, my blog reader, and friend, gave me a bunch of reproduction fabric yardage. I keep thinking about that as I page through the pictures in the book. I could use some of that for these quilts.

I love the rich brown color of this one and I was happy to see the browns aren’t all in one color. My kind of quilt for sure!!

This one was likely my favorite of the whole book. LOVE!!

I can see this one done in taupes and made for a wedding quilt for someone who is into country farmhouse decor.

This Christmas quilt is one I really like as well. I can see myself making if patriotic vs Christmas by adding blue instead of green. YES!!

When I wrote this post, the book was listed at under $10. That’s a steal. One pattern is more than $10. WOW…These don’t need to only be reproduction quilts. I can see them in brights, batiks, and any type of fabric. I’m so happy I added this one to my collection of quilt books. They are simple but interesting quilts.

If you are interested, you can find the book HERE. I have no idea what the price is as it changes but I do know, it’s worth the money.

15 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Country Seat Quilts”

  1. I love this book. So far, I’ve made two quilts from the book and have another two in progress. It’s the first quilt book I’ve owned where I intend to make every single quilt in the book.

  2. Those all look like ones should make! It is always so fun to browse through quilting books. So many quilts I would like to make.

  3. Cindy from Iowa

    Just purchased this one after taking it out of my cart on my last book purchase. It was only $5.39 and $3.99 shipping. Thank you for highlighting this one!

  4. Daniela Durham

    Hi Jo,
    I must say that I LOVE this book! Just a heads up, there is a correction on pg 76 I downloaded it from Martingale.

  5. Abe Books has new Martingale books for a smidgen cheaper than Amazon. Search quilt under the shipper PlumCircle and you will find a treasure trove!

  6. Paula Hidalgo

    I got this book too! I absolutely loved the flag quilt and the whole book was cheaper than a single pattern would have been. Thanks Jo keeping us informed of great bargains and such!! Love reading about all that goes on in your life.

  7. I was able to buy it from Amazon just now for less than $10. I love the patterns and I know I can change the color scheme to fit whatever fabrics I want to work with. I have a bundle of the civil war reproductions and now I know what to make with all that pile. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Jo, you get me into so much trouble! I have too many books as it is, and I have far too many projects to finish or start already, but those quilts are so sweet!
    Thank you…I think!

  9. hi, Thanks for all the information. But, would like to know what a reproductive quilt is.
    Thanks for more information.

    1. Reproduction quilt typically means it’s made with reproduction fabrics. That would be prints of fabric that were designed as replicas of fabric from an older time period.

  10. oh, me again. Just wanted to mention that the computer is refusing to send the information about Ray’s quilts. darn it.

  11. Teresa from Port Coquitlam,BC

    I too am going to order the book and like many others have too many books but I have a bin of reproduction fabrics I’d love to use in many of the quilts in this book. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Licia D Jackson

    Thank you for telling us about the sale on Martingale books. I had heard they were going out of business. I ordered three, including this one, for about $20. They’re all great!

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