Quilt Book Review: Countdown to Christmas

Martingale sent me a LONG list of newly released books.  Along with that they send me a copy of the ebook.  Typically I read the titles and authors, open the books and make a quick decision on which I’ll review and which ones I’ll pass on.

When I saw the title Countdown to Christmas, I was planning on passing on that one just because of the title.  I’m not big into decorating and this sounded a little too much like decorating to me.  I thought I’d give it a chance though so I opened the ebook and WOW.  I was surprised.  I liked it.

The author is Susan Ache.  I don’t know that I’ve heard a lot about her…which means nothing as I spend very little time on the computer…well that’s not right either.  I spend plenty of time on the computer but I’m on the writing side of things not the reading side of things.

Anyway, back to the review.  Although the quilts are made with red and green fabric, by no means are all of the Christmasy.  Check this one out….
This isn’t Christmasy to me.

…and it’s scrappy so what’s not to love?

This next one is a snowball quilt….I love it too.  Scrappy and nice…not screaming CHRISTMAS as all.

This one has trees but there is something about it that doesn’t bother me screaming CHRISTMAS either….is it the light colors?  I don’t know.  I can see someone with a cabin loving to make this one.  Anyway..I like it.

I like this one too.

This one might be my favorite…but again, not very Christmasy.

There are some that do mix red and green…BUT, still not overly Christmasy.  I can see a change up of the green being blue and it looking patriotic.

I think this book would be awesome to play with.  The designs are great.

There are other quilts in the book…12 in all…only three of them are ones I would consider only for Christmas.  So all in all, a great book.

If you’d like to see more about the book, you can find it HERE on Amazon or HERE at Martingale.  Both of the places show pictures of all of the projects.  Have fun checking out the eye candy.  I sure did.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Countdown to Christmas”

  1. I agree Jo! I probably wouldn’t have been interested in this book because the title is so limiting to Christmas. So I appreciate your review! Beautiful Quilts! The quilts don’t scream Christmas but because they are mostly red & green could also be displayed at Christmas! Thank you for selecting this book to review!

  2. I like red and green and those are the primary decorating colors in my house. I just don’t care for blue and grays. I don’t even consider pine tree shapes “Christmasy” unless they are decorated, they are wintery. I just loved what you had to share with this book and plan to purchase it. My problem with many quilts is they are done in blues and I automatically think how I would do them in (guess what?); reds and/or greens. And any color goes for Christmas now days, traditional red and green is passe’. Except in my house!

  3. Donna Pheneger

    Thank you for your review. I don’t buy quilting books due to lack of room but I sure enjoy reading your reviews and looking at all the eye candy!

  4. SusanfromKentucky

    I follow Susan Ache on Instagram. She makes some beautiful quilts, plus she does some beautiful stitching. Anyone who would like to find her on there, can find her under yardgrl60.
    P.S. Praying for Kramer and you!

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