Quilt Book Review: Civil War Legacies Book II

UGH. I know. I bought another quilt book. It’s just so terribly hard not to buy them off Amazon when they are so inexpensive. The one I bought this time is Civil War Legacies book II by Carol Hopkins.

My favorite quilts are and have always been quilts made with reproduction fabrics. LONG ago when I first started quilting it was the deep, rich colors of reproduction fabrics that caught me and stuck with me. Certainly, I make other quilts and do like them but the reproduction quilts pull at me the hardest…yet I don’t make them. Any guesses why?

Because I would want to keep all of them for myself!! Like many of you, I put myself last on the list of people who get quilts. It’s the whole “shoemakers kids have no shoes thing”…but no worries, my kids have quilts! I just make very few quilts for myself.

This book is loaded with projects and I’m so happy I bought the book. Here is the table of contents. Look at all of those projects.

It took me a second to get into the book. The page announcing the quilt is a close-up…see the picture on the left…the picture with the whole quilt is later and is only a small picture. That’s not my ideal but I bet it saved time and money. They didn’t have a stage a big photo shoot.

The directions are easy to read…and the patterns…I love them ALL! There is seriously not a dud pattern in the entire book. I love the quilt below. Wonderfully scrappy.

I’ve always wanted season quilts that get changed out. Wouldn’t the quilt below be great for Summer?

I love the simplicity of the quilt below…and of course, I love the red!

Typically I’m not a basket girl but this one I really love. It’s so scrappy!!

Right not my grandson Jasper is into the song Eating Goober Peas. Check out the name of this quilt. It made me laugh and then it made me wonder if he needs a quilt when he goes to preschool.

This is a simple snowball quilt…but I love it all the same.

I love the little pinwheels in the cent of these blocks. I have some pinwheels already made. Hmm. I wonder if they are the size I need. I might have to check that out. I would love to make this quilt!

I love controlled scrappy and this next quilt is exactly that. Oh my. I have fabric that Ila sent me in browns. I would easily use it and make the quilt below. I love it.

This book might just get me into a quilt shop too. Many of the projects use bold patterned fabric for the borders or sashing like the quilt you see below. I really like that look but have never taken the time to make a quilt like that.

Below is a favorite quilt of mine. I love blues and browns together. So pretty. SO VERY PRETTY. I would love to find a floral print like the one that is in the border. See what I mean when I say this quilt book might get me into a quilt shop??

I had a lot of fun looking at the close-up pictures. I can’t tell you how many times I looked and said, “I had that fabric.” Oh…so many pretty quilts and so many pretty prints.

This book has had a spot on my bedstand for the last week. I keep paging and paging through it. I can’t pick which quilt I’d like to make first. I really do want to make a plan to make a couple of these quilts. I would love to have some small quilts to sprinkle throughout the house!

If you’re like me and can’t resist another quilt book. You can find Civil War Legacies HERE. At the time I bought mine it was priced at under $10…There are more quilt included in the book but I saved them so you discover them on your own.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Civil War Legacies Book II”

  1. Wow there are several quilts in that book that I would like to make too. I can see why you wanted the book. I hope you get to make a few of them. Jasper is at that age for that goober peas song. How fun!

  2. I love those patterns and would love to make several. I’ve never made one with reproduction prints but it’s on my list. My only problem is all those patterns are tiny and I like my quilts big! I’ve made a few wall hangings but overall I like quilts for snuggling under best. Would these be easily adapted into larger quilts?

    1. Yes you can always make more blocks to make a bigger quilt. Or you can increase the grid size. If a 9 patch block uses 2″ cuts, it finishes at 4 1/2″. Increase thecut size to 2 1/2″ and it finishes at 6″.

  3. I like this book. I love the simplicity of the snowball quilt and also the Allegheny quilt – I went to high school in Allegheny County in PA!
    Thank you for sharing it!
    Love and prayers

  4. Judith Fairchild

    The goober pea quilt is a winner hands down or up if you prefer. What a gorgeous book. I haven’t quilted for a while. Just haven’t gotten the inspiration. Now I have thanks Jo. For sharing this lovely book.

  5. Ha goober peas! Never heard that expression before. Funny thing is that that’s probably my favorite pattern. Although the pinwheel pattern gives it some competition…

  6. There are some real beauties in the book. I can see myself doing more than one of them, too! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Jo, what exactly makes a fabric “reproduction”? How can I look at a fabric and determine if it fits the description? I am guessing the colors need to be somewhat muted, not pastel and not bright/primary, and the prints need to be small. Is that the essence of reproduction fabric???
    By the way, I am beginning to wonder if I should stop hanging out with you…now I have bought ANOTHER quilt book, I don’t need anymore. Maybe we can have a sew along for one of the patterns in the book?

  8. Oh, my Jo! I just checked on Amazon. The book is now $5.04! I’m wondering if the author is from PA with two of the quilts named Allegheny and Gettysburg.
    They are all beautiful quilts!

  9. Hi Jo, I ordered a copy. I Love Civil War quilts- We travelled through Gettysburg and I absolutely found it fascinating. There was a quilt shop there and I bought a scrap or two ( lol) of reproductions fabs. Also reproduction clothes patterns. Now we are just one truck more to move into the home in Midlothian Tx. No more moves for me…I’m too old for this and I just want to sew…
    6221 Vicney Lane Midlothian Tx 76065.
    Blessings, June Tibbetts

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