Quilt Book Review: Blue and White Quilts

I’m still working my way through the quilt books that Martingale sent to me to review.  I’ve had lots of great bedtime reading over the last month.  What a treat!  Today I’m showing you Blue and White Quilts.  This is a collaboration book with quilts featured from the following designers…  Lissa Alexander . Lisa Bongean . Julie Hendricksen . Sherri McConnell . Camille Roskelley . Laurie Simpson . Helen Stubbings . Debbie Roberts . Jill Shaulis . Nancy Mahoney . Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison.

This one is a vintage quilt and I really like it.  I’m typically not a basket girl when it comes to quilts but this one, I really like.  I have to admit when I see a quilt like this.  My brain says “So much white space.  How do I quilt that?”

I like this one too.  This one says vintage quilt to me too.

I have to say, I’m not a fan of white, white fabric at least not in the quilt below.  I love the design but think I would like it better in a softer white.  I think it’s because this quilt looks vintage to me and the softer white would be more fitting.  I love the design though…don’t you?

One thing about reviewing quilts others make, we have the privilege and hindsight that the maker doesn’t always have.

Are you an applique gal?  I am not so a quilt like this, I look at and enjoy….

It’s not that I can’t applique, I just don’t.  If I’m sitting, I’d rather be cross stitching.

This next quilt is my favorite from the book.  What do you think?Anytime stars are involved, I’m sure to like the quilt.  Lisa Bongean is the designer of this.  I guessed that before I even read her name.  It doesn’t look big but it is 80 1/2″ x 80 1/2″.

I think hanging it on the wall makes one think the quilt is smaller.

The quilts in the book are all different sizes.  Some smaller like this.

Some bed sized and some even smaller.  The book offers a nice variety.

The one pictured below I really like too…but alas, I’m not an applique girl.  I’ll admire from afar.  I really do admire it!!

What a fun book!  I have to admit, in my mind I see many of them as red and white quilts.  What can I say?  Red is my go to color over blue.  What’s your go to color?

If you are interested in seeing more of the quilt in the book you can go HERE on Amazon or HERE at Martingale.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Blue and White Quilts”

  1. Thank you for the review, I must admit that I’ve never made a two color quilt and I do like some of the ideas in this book. I’ve been busy collecting red and white fabrics for awhile now, this book may have a pattern that speaks to me.

  2. I’ve seen the quilt pattern you like best done in red and it’s stunning. I will have to try to find it back and will send you a link. I’ve never really been a two color quilt person but am slowly starting to like the simplicity of them. Happy Easter, Jo and family.

  3. Like you, Jo, my go to color is red. I love these blue and white quilts too though–there is a calm, clean, balance of contrast in blue and white that is different from red and white. If I made a two color quilt I don’t know which I would choose. Terrific review of this book. I’m tempted!

  4. I made a blue and white Magic Tile quilt with some English Wedgewood fabric and teacups and saucers for the border. My daughter hangs it in our wine store and it is much admired. One of my nicest quilts, had it quilted in Florida before we left.

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