Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Tee

It’s been slow getting quilt books in for me to review.  It’s something I love to do but haven’t had many books lately.  I love doing the reviews and seeing what’s new and you all seem to enjoy them too.  I ended emailing Martingale to see if they were still offering the program for bloggers to get review copies.  I haven’t heard from them yet.  Hopefully, they still are.

I do have a book from C&T Publishing that I thought was a great take on T-shirt and memory quilts.  It is called Beyond the Tee:  Innovative T-shirt Quilts by Mary Cannizzaro & Jen Cannizzaro.

The title is a little misleading as some of the quilts are not made from T-shirts.  Some are made from men’s ties or even baby clothes….not just T-Shirts.

Here is the table of contents….

There are nine quilts in the book.  If you check out the quilt below, you’ll see that this quilt is not made from T-shirts.

I liked this next one….The quilt is almost a bit like an eye-spy quilt.  I think this one made from little girl clothing.

It’s a cute quilt and not at all what I think of when I think of a T-shirt quilt.

This one was made from ties….It’s just a wall hanging but would be a great project if you were trying to make a memory keepsake from several family members.

I liked this one a lot.  I think it was super fun.  It feeds my hexagon love!

The book was more than only quilt designs.  Much of the book was dedicated to preparing the shirts and detailed instructions were given on how to best utilize the fabric from clothing.  If you’ve never made a memory quilt, I think this a good book that could walk you through the steps.

I’ve yet to make a T-shirt quilt.  I can see that I might need to down the road.  With as many grandkids as I have, I’m sure one or all are going to want T-shirt quilts.  Kayla has made them.  Maybe it will be a grandma/Auntie Kayla gift.  Hmmm.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon
HERE at C&T Publishing.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Tee”

  1. Jo, whenever you decide to make a Tee shirt quilt – please let me know. My daughter and son in law want one. I’ve read a lot about them and what a lot of people think the best way to make one is. As soon as I see you make one and share your tips – I’ll be a happy camper – and so will they ; )

  2. I hate to make t shirt quilts but my family has not received that memo. I continue to get bags of shirts and have decided that this winter I will finish them—all 8 of them and then that factory is closed.

  3. Jenny Down has a tutorial for each of her quilts. Easy to follow, and you can add your own touch. I made the Totally Tulips quilt a little while ago. To Next up, t-shirt quilt with Natalie.

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