Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Battlefield

Back in January Mary from Country Threads announced that her and Connie had a new book coming out.  Well I was super excited.  SUPER EXCITED.   I love Mary and Connie as people and I love them as quilt designers too.  If I could pick my favorite designers, these two ladies would be there right at the top….Mary is my favorite blogger too.  Find her blog here.

Their quilt shop was hands down the very-very best quilt shop I’ve ever been to and I miss it now that they have closed.  Seriously…best shop ever.

So…You can imagine my joy when I learned that the ladies were joining efforts to put out a new quilt book!!  I was elated.

So was I disappointed when I actually saw the book….
NOPE.  I was still very happy with the book.  Here are some of my favorites…

Isn’t that scrappy heaven and how easy of a quilt to make.  I have some Civil War prints just itching to be used.

The cover quilt is great!!

Here’s a bizillion triangles….Oh my.  I love this one too.  Sitting down to a pile of endless triangles to sew makes me happy.

I’ve always thought to make a quilt with the Lady of the Lake block….This one is so tempting.

Yep…I like this one too….

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and make a Lemoyne Star quilt.  This one is fun.  I love the scappiness….LOVE IT!
My favorite of all is this one….This one is HIGH on my list of quilts that I’d like to make…AND KEEP FOR MYSELF.

Sadly most of the quilts that I end up keeping for myself, I put off because there is always something I should be working on for someone else.  I’m sure this surprises no one:  I’d want to make it QUEEN sized.  Stars, barn raising layout, scrappy and Civil War reproductions are all of my VERY favorite things so it’s no surprise that I love this quilt.

So if you’re inclined to buy this quilt book, please take the time and order from the Country Threads girls directly.  You get an autographed copy and the girls actually get paid a decent price for their work.  Did you know if you buy a quilt book from a retailer or place like Amazon that authors get about 85 cents from the purchase.  If you order directly from the author, the author will get about $12 from your purchase.  Seriously, when you can, order from the author.

You can order from the girls:
Beyond The Battlefield. – $31.00 includes postage. Checks should be made out to Country Threads.

Here is their mailing address:
Country Threads
2345 Palm Ave.
Garner, IA 50438

If my wildest dreams would come true, Mary and Connie would keep writing quilt books!!  It’s an awesome book gals.  Keep them coming!!

8 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Battlefield”

  1. I love LeMoyne stars too. They are pretty fast for hand stitching as you can work out continuous stitching and you don’t have to worry about Y-seams. Did you see Mary’s post today? She’s thinking of doing that last quilt as a sew along!

  2. Jo,
    This book is AMAZING!! I love every quilt, and scrappy Civil War reproduction quilts are at the top of the list of my favorite quilt types!
    Thanks so much for sharing your book review!

  3. Wow Jo, I had no idea the author gets so little for a book when it’s sold on Amazon. Thank you for making me away of it. I had two books sitting in my Amazon cart that will be promptly removed.

  4. Mary Etherington

    Oh my goodness, Jo – thank you so much! We are so glad you like it! And yes, I’m thinking we should do Hiding In Plain Sight as a quiltalong in the fall but I know YOU. These stars are little – you’d really want to make it queen size? On the other hand, if you love to piece, this could be fun. I just tonight finished binding my Good Fortune quilt which I’ll post on the blog very soon.
    Thanks so much for your review!
    Thinking of you and your family!
    Almost forgot – another Civil War book will come out in December of this year. I have forgotten the name but it’s a continuation of Beyond The Battlefield.

  5. Civil war fabrics aren’t my cup of tea these days, and yet I find myself itching to make a couple of these quilts. Thanks for the review, and the info about how authors get paid. I know you aren’t sewing much these days, but when you’re ready and able to get back to it, why not make yourself one of the quilts you love the most?

  6. I miss Country Threads Quilt shop, it was always so fun to walk threw the gate and check out the wonderful flower beds and goats! I will have to look at this book again, I’m still enjoying the Beyond the Battlefield book. I keep up on their blog and may join in the sew along this fall. Great review

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