Quilt Book Review: Sunday Best Quilts

I’m still working through reviewing the quilt ebooks that Martingale publishing sent to me.  Oh my there were a lot of them.  This one is Sunday Best Quilts by Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder.

I had high hopes for this book…Let’s see how it measured up.  Aren’t the two cover quilts fun.  After seeing them and seeing the book was written by two people I guessed that the book was about picking a quilt block and then each person making their own version of that quilt block.  That seems to be trend nowadays.  I’ve seen a couple other designers team up and do that.  After reading the book, I was right.  That’s about what the authors did.

I’m all about star quilts and liked this one….

This one was pretty good too….At first it was hard for me to see the star, but it’s there.

This quilt I loved the colors but I’d seen similar things done before.  Have you??

This was fun….

This one was too..but I’m a long time quilter and have made a few pineapple quilts before.  If you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend making one.

Again…as a seasoned quilter I’ve seen similar things to this.  Still, I very much like it.

Of all the quilts in the book, this is the one I’d most likely make.

There are more quilts in the book…12 total.  I gotta say, for me as a seasoned quilter, there weren’t a lot of new or different quilts.  That doesn’t mean I thought it was a bad book, in fact, it’s a good book for someone who hasn’t been quilting for a long time and hasn’t seen and reviewed as many quilt books as I have.  I hope that makes sense.  I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m bashing the authors.  I’m not.  The photography was good the premise was fun.  Fabric selections were great.  All books can’t be my favorite!

Go check out the book for yourself and let me know what you think about the quilts.  You can find pictures of all of the quilt HERE on Amazon or HERE at Martingale Publishing.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Sunday Best Quilts”

  1. Loved the hidden star quilt. My favorite color is the rainbow. I can live them all. Even if I turn yellow when I wear purple so I put purple into a lot of my quilts. On sharing Your Kramer’s birthday it’s a great idea. Tell Stacey Happy Blessed Birthday for me. P.S. I always wanted a twin.

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