Quilt Book Review: A Scrapbook of Quilts

Here is a redo.  I posted this last week but the photos didn’t show for many of you and you were so disappointed.  I redid the photos and am hoping that this time they work.  I’m so excited about this book and really want to share it with you.  The orange and blue quilt…I REALLY want to make that!!

Here is the post…
I am in love.  What has caught my attention…and my heart?  This book…A Scrapbook of Quilts by Joanna Figucroa and Carrie Nelson.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you if you want to quilt along with me, because I am going to make a couple of the quilts in this book.  I’m trying so hard to pound out some UFOs and then this book and Scrap School, are going to be my focus.  I am so tempted to throw the UFOs aside but, I can’t.  I’ll feel too guilty…but maybe, maybe I could slowly work on one of these and still work on my UFO quilts.

Have you seen the book?  I have lots of pictures for you.  The book is super fun as the two authors, Joanna Figucroa and Carrie Nelson teamed up to make an amazing book.  There are pincushions, pillows, and quilts all in one book.

One thing I like about the book is that the gals take a block…and then they both make a different quilt with it…or a pillow…or a pincushion.  Check out the spool quilt and the spool pillow…and the spool pincushion.  SO CUTE!

I love Carrie’s version.  It’s the one with the nine patches in the center of the spool in the picture below…

Here’s a closeup of the spool pillow.  LOVE!

I was pretty excited about the book and then I saw the red white and blue quilt in the picture below.  LOVE!!  It’s VERY me!

Here it is another colorway…more scrappy.

If the patriotic quilt wasn’t enough for me then this quilt was!!

Oh, I love this block.  Do you all remember that I have been collecting calico fabric and looking for the perfect pattern to use it with?  I think this quilt might be it.  I have that on my brain…once I get the UFOs done, I just might start it.

But…I love it with just the orange and blue.  Oh, I love both versions.  What to do?  How to pick?

If that wasn’t enough, I squealed when I saw this quilt.  Of course I love the red, blue and yellow version.

More pillows and pincushions…so cute.

I’m thinking about making the spool ones.  I love the black background version.  It would be so cute in my dough bowl.  Hmm.

Can you believe there is yet another quilt I’m flipping out about??  This one…

I listened to floss tube and a couple of the people had shown this book, they were crazy about the house quilt.  I like it but the other quilts would be sooner in line for me to make.  Oh my…so many great quilts.

Now I’m going to go back through the book and see how many of them use 2 1/2″ strips.  Oh I hope some do.  Remember I am going to try to tackle my 2 1/2″ buckets.  Please oh please let some of these use at least some 2 1/2″ strips.

So many scrappy quilts…so many quilts that I can’t help but love.  Did you see why I bought the book??

OH>>> Now you can see why I am pushing so hard to get the UFOs finished so I can happily make these guilt-free.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll have to start one of these…I just have to.  Now, which one??  Which is your favorite

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

30 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: A Scrapbook of Quilts”

  1. When I open your blog the pictures don’t display, but I ordered the book through you anyway. You have never steered me wrong.

    1. I’m not getting the pictures even after reopening. I bought this gorgeous book recently and made a couple pincushions for my mom and sister. Well-written instructions and lots of options.

  2. What a great book! I really like one of the quilts, but I don’t “dare” buy another book. I will admire your quilts when you make them.

  3. I don’t see any pictures either. I tried reloading, closing and reopening the post, still no photos. I am using an iPad, which is how I always view your blog.

  4. It’s probably just as well that I DON’T see the photos because I shouldn’t be ordering another quilt book! I just received my copy of Scrap School yesterday. It’s a great book.I hope you will have a quilt along with that book. So many great quilts!!

  5. Love these quilts! I’m a scrappy lover, too. I had to refresh the page several times to get all the photos to load. Beautiful!!!

  6. I really Love the orange and Blue quilt. ( my favorite hockey teams color). I really want to order the book…
    I do love the house and spool patterns and pincushions. They look so refreshing.
    Thank you for adding me to the list of fabric charities. One of your readers Jeanne was so very kind to send me a wonderful box of fabrics. We make one more trip to NY then back to Texas to start the new life… it’s quite a weather difference but I’m anxious to get started with these projects for the community. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Hello Jo.
    I have a question and request. I have a quilting lady North Wilkesboro North Carolina who has some satin from a company that’s no longer been business for quite a number of years. The company I’m talking about May baby blankets and bound them with satin. The lady was gifted quite a few rolls of this sat in at least three different colors. They are burgundy green and pink and there’s a light blue and a dark blue. Most of them measure either 5 in wide or 7 in wide. I’ve contacted somebody I know in destash to see if they could put the word out there if somebody be willing to make use of this fabric.
    There are at least the roles that are not broken on to have the figure like 890 on it and we figure that’s 890 yards. There’s another role that has 260 on it. Then there are a couple of pieces of rolls been used.
    I’m kind of reaching out to you and maybe because I said to the other lady to see if this material even though it’s 20 years old at least and it does not seem to be dry rotted at all still can be used.
    All the lady wants is to be able to get rid of this material on these rolls if you know of somebody who may have a need of something or can make use of this would you please contact me.

  8. For what it’s worth, I can see the images fine. I am using Safari. I love all of these quilts. I had bought the book earlier, soon after it was released and can’t wait to get some of them into my sewing queue.

  9. No pictures here, either. The block I love is the one that is similar to a Johnny Around the Corner block (or looks kinda like a flower). I have been loving that block since Bonnie made the baby quilt with it. You are such a disciplined gal, both with sewing and Xstitching. I feel lazy next to you! God Bless!

  10. I got the pictures. I have several of Carrie’s books and her directions are wonderful. She spoke at our quilt guild when she lived here in Arizona. She is a great speaker and getting to see so many of her quilts was delightful.

  11. I see all the pictures, using a desktop computer and Chrome. I didn’t see them on last week’s post. They are some lovely quilts.

  12. I see all the photos just fine. I use Chrome. It could be the browser people are using causing the problem for some.

    I may or may not quilt along with you. I’ve got some bucket list quilts of my own I want to pursue and I bought the last book you fell in love with and have made nothing out of it yet!

    Happy Weekend Jo :-)

  13. Love the spools quilt! I’m on my phone using Chrome directly to the blog and can see all photos. Thanks for sharing, Jo!

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