Quilt Book Review: A Country’s Call

Here is a gem in the bunch of quilt books that Martingale sent to me to review.  It’s A Country’s Call by Connie and Mary of Country Threads fame.  Of course I would love this book!!

This is one of those books that if I have more time in my life, I’d love to make every quilt..only larger.

Don’t you love that cover quilt?  I sure do.  I love the colors.  Definitely a winning combination!

By far, I prefer reproduction fabrics but often I making quilts for others so I end up using a variety of other fabrics.  These colors totally speak to me.

I really wish I could make more small quilts like this and and have them out as decoration….Childcare really prevents me from decorating as I wish I could.  Aren’t the colors awesome??

This I love as well…Simple but nice.  Seriously..the fabrics are screaming my name!!

This one is lighter colored…not the deep right Civil War colors…But, I like it too.  I love Mary’s simple straight line quilting.  I am not a fancy machine quilting girl.  Simplicity is just fine with me!

This says fall time.  I love the golds sprinkled in.

The book has more projects than most quilt books, 14 total.  I think they can do that as some projects are small like this one.

Oh.  This one was a bit of a surprise but I love it.  I have quite a few black prints and I think I could make this.  I’ve been wanting to make a few more seasonal quilts.  Hmm.  If only I had all the time in the world!!

If you’re a long time blog reader, you know that red is my color…of course I had to show you this one!!  It’s red based.

Again I’m loving the red…and the gold…and the poison green.  If the gals at Country Threads taught a class on picking fabrics, I would be the first on to sign up.  Color is so their thing.  I asked Mary once about color selection and I will always remember her saying, “Connie says there has to be some ugly fabrics in the quilt to make the pretty fabrics really shine”.  I always try to remember that.

Of all the quilts in the book…the quilt I’d more like to make…this one below.  If I could ever get ahead of all of my deadline and need to do projects, I’d pick to make this.  I really like it.  I do have a bunch of bonus triangles I could use up on this- I think.  I’ll have to go back and look through the ebook to see what size I need.

This color scheme and style is what I like for my house…

I’m giving the book two giant thumbs up.  I really liked the book and am so happy the gals are continuing to write books.  How lucky we are that they only semi retired and didn’t completely retire.

You can see the rest of the quilts from the book HERE on Amazon or HERE at Martingale.  If you are looking to buy the book, you can get an autographed copy from Mary and Connie.  Order information is HERE on Mary’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: A Country’s Call”

  1. Signe in Virginia

    I just read on the Country Threads blog that Mary and Connie are out of books. I would have loved to take Connie’s class that she just taught to make the quilt on the cover of the book. Wonderful quilts!

  2. I ordered that book also, and I love it all. As you say, if only you had the time to make them all. Thanks, Jo!

  3. Virginia Grenier

    Years ago, when I lived in Forest Lake, MN, our quilt guild chartered a bus to make the 170ish mile trek to visit Country Threads. At that point in time, Country Threads welcomed visitors, taught classes, and had an animal rescue there as well. As we pulled in, one of the ladies boarded the bus to talk to us. As she was talking, a gasp could be heard from one side of the bus. They had spotted a cat in hunting mode and when he launched and actually caught a bird, that’s when they gasped. The gal from Country Threads got off the bus, scolded the cat and he dropped the bird and it flew off. She came back on the bus shaking her head saying “Oh Louie, he does that sometimes”. We found goats and chickens wandering the yard and cats napping here and there among the patterns. What a fun trip!

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